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A rapid stream of liquid or gas forced out of a small opening.
  1. 'Even in the height of summer, there are sprinklers going in everyone's garden and huge jets of water spraying crops throughout the day.'
  2. 'Natural thermal springs abound and scores of tourist spots feature bubbling pools or jets of steam shooting from the ground.'
  3. 'State-of-the-art special effects include three-foot high fireballs, water jets and dancing fountains around the bamboo dance floor.'
  4. 'Attached to the end of a wooden staff, they might shoot jets of flame at attackers.'
  5. 'A confined jet of compressed air pressurizes the inspiratory airflow.'
  6. 'According to dictionary definitions and everyday usage, a fountain is a jet of water that spurts up into the air.'
  7. 'From her hands burst jets of water that slowly put out the bird's fire.'
  8. 'Oni was sending jets of flames towards the soldiers, burning their dark iron armor.'
  9. 'This process results in two jets of hadronic particles as the quarks form hadrons.'
  10. 'Through this a thin jet of liquid would flow into the mouth of the ritual drinker or brotherhood performer.'
  11. 'For all I know, the company may have toyed with the idea of slightly widening the nozzle on the windscreen-washer jets.'
  12. 'Nozzles direct the spray droplets into the air jets.'
  13. 'A steam shower is a nice luxury feature similar to a shower, except jets emit steam instead of water.'
  14. 'The ejected material is channeled into narrow jets perpendicular to the disk, while material from the disk falls onto the protostar.'
  15. 'Imagine that a flow of liquid is proceeding in a smooth, regular fashion, but we can adjust a jet to make the flow run faster or slower.'
  16. 'Off the bathroom, steps lead to a raised Jacuzzi with 16 air jets and 8 water jets, all adjustable.'
A jet engine.
  1. 'The jets contain relativistic winds that interact and collide, creating shock waves and emitting high-energy X-rays and gamma rays.'
  2. 'a private jet'
  3. 'She got on the small jet plane that only took 50 or so passengers.'
  4. '"Gulfstream still believes a supersonic business jet has good market potential, " he said.'
  5. 'More and more privately owned jets are landing at Provincetown's small airport.'
  6. 'The Texans left on a jet plane riding a Rocky Mountain high to Denver.'
  7. 'Two company executives and three flight crew were killed when their private jet crashed shortly after take-off.'
  8. 'I also heard what sounded like a muted jet aircraft engine.'
  9. 'The six freed hostages boarded a Libyan chartered jet in Cebu yesterday on their way to Tripoli.'
  10. 'He insisted on training to fly a jumbo jet despite an obvious lack of skill even with small planes.'
  11. 'How often have you ever heard of someone who qualified to fly fighter jets never flying a plane again?'


Spurt out in jets.
  1. 'Enemies struck by gunfire don't just fall over backwards; they jet blood like the lawn sprinkler in Hell, then collapse into a heap.'
  2. 'The six giant grey cattle thundered along the embankment, their nostrils jetting steam in the cold air of a Hungarian autumn morning.'
  3. 'Robotic high pressure water jetting also greatly reduces the risks of injury to operations personnel.'
  4. 'In several locations, rivers of mercury flowed from the planet's core, and occasional bursts of exploding methane jetted from the deeper craters.'
Travel by jet aircraft.
  1. 'The IMF and the World Bank find him a ridiculous figure, jetting around the world while his people starve.'
  2. 'Much of this travel is businessmen and women jetting around the world to meetings.'
  3. 'The arguments have already been well rehearsed against the SPL teams jetting off to sunny climes.'
  4. 'Two years ago, Chambers was jetting around the globe preaching the gospel of the new economy to world leaders.'
  5. 'He jetted back to Ohio to attend the start of the Browns pre-season training.'
  6. 'There's also the little matter of the Interim Government jetting about, all over the world… traveling from one place to the next.'
  7. 'Over 40 members of Annascaul GAA jetted out to the sun on Saturday last.'
  8. 'Representing AORN's members as President means jetting around the globe.'
  9. 'The Springboks jetted into East London Airport last night.'
  10. 'For instance, no doubt you'll be jetting off on holiday anytime soon.'

Joint European Torus, a machine for conducting experiments in nuclear fusion, at Culham in Oxfordshire.

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    1. a stream of a liquid, gas, or small solid particles forcefully shooting forth from a nozzle, orifice, etc.

    2. something that issues in such a stream, as water or gas.

    3. a spout or nozzle for emitting liquid or gas: a gas jet.

    4. jet plane.

    5. jet engine. verb (used without object), jetted, jetting.

    6. to travel by jet plane: to jet to Las Vegas for the weekend.

    7. to move or travel by means of jet propulsion: The octopus jetted away from danger.

    8. to be shot fort

    More examples(as adjective)

    "walls can be jetted from points."

    "surfaces can be jetted from points."

    "outputs can be jetted in/at/on evenings."

    "outputs can be jetted up to places."

    "pockets can be jetted."

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    (jet)Late 16th century (as a verb meaning ‘jut out’): from French jeter ‘to throw’, based on Latin jactare, frequentative of jacere ‘to throw’.