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A knitted garment with long sleeves, worn over the upper body.
  1. 'Virtually all the customers are men in grey wool jerseys; most have red suspenders.'
  2. 'The Harmattan, the seasonal desert wind, blew constantly, a sharp chill keeping us in long trousers and jerseys even by day.'
  3. 'Jessica had pulled her jeans on over top of her pajama pants, and wore a baggy jersey, all of which was dripping.'
  4. 'I answered, clutching at the hem of my oversized jersey as a cold draft blew around my exposed legs.'
  5. 'When I moved my trade show uniform from an ottoman rib to a jersey knit, he adjusted the tape to make the new shirts look better than the old ones.'
  6. 'North-eastern Division police, who were then alerted, said the body was clad in a brown jersey and black short pants.'
  7. 'He tugged a woolen jersey from his pack and pulled it on.'
  8. 'The tanned, trim body was wearing a blue-and-white striped jersey with the sleeves pushed up and gabardine pants.'
  9. 'She's very realistic, she's got real hair and she's wearing a little pinafore and a jersey and so she's a very normal little girl.'
  10. 'By 6 pm, the Coast Guard team arrived with Charles' body, which was clad in a red jersey and black trousers.'
  11. 'She didn't look up, but saw it was a guy wearing a hockey jersey and tracksuit pants was the offender.'
  12. 'Rock had worn his new jersey and he'd bought himself a new Red Sox hat, offering to buy Ally one too.'
  13. 'The reason why Limerick's squad was so depleted was due to a growing injury list and they simply hadn't the bodies to fill the subs jerseys.'
  14. 'He pulled on the jeans and the jersey, and then grabbed his red baseball cap from where it was sitting, on his stereo.'
  15. 'If you're on a team, and required to wear identical jerseys, don't neglect to bring matching jerseys.'
  16. 'He was wondering why no one had noticed that he liked to wear long sleeves under his jersey.'
  17. 'A skinny white thug in a Lakers jersey lunged in my direction with a purpose.'
  18. 'The referee didn't allow them to play as both the jerseys looked alike under yellow light.'
  19. 'Do they simply add them to their jersey pockets or do they attach them to their bodies under their jerseys?'
  20. 'I must have looked strange to them, dressed as I was in a football jersey and torn jeans, Converse All-Stars on my feet.'
  21. 'Glove-fit suede, plonge lamb and leopard combined with crepe, jersey and silk chiffon were also introduced.'
  22. 'Fabrics offer luxurious style in rich velvets, sheer chiffon, shiny satin and slinky jerseys.'
  23. 'Trouser suits and jersey knit tops are key items in what she calls her seasonal capsule wardrobe of significant items.'
  24. 'The fabrics for spring are satin, jersey, chiffon and lace, turning up in every category from street wear to evening wear.'
  25. 'Knit fabrics are available in a wide variety of styles and textures - from sporty to elegant, jersey to velour.'
  26. 'If it is not that cold, a jersey dress made of soft warm jersey would be wonderful, over your wool stockings and under your warm coat.'
  27. 'There is a pale colour printed viscose jersey T-shirt dress that is very easy to wear.'
  28. 'Jeneane from Calgary made the latest pattern from Loes Hinse in red cotton Lycra jersey.'
  29. 'Plain suiting and tweed is teamed with slick, shiny leather and fine jersey tops.'
An animal of a breed of light brown dairy cattle from Jersey.
  1. 'Without grain in summer, the Holsteins and Jerseys got too skinny.'
  2. 'Compared to the five other major breeds milked in the United States, Jerseys give less milk.'
  3. 'Mr Phillip keeps 20 Jerseys, which run alongside a herd of 110 Holstein Friesians.'
  4. 'Soon, the Thwaites' jersey herd comprised only registered cattle.'
  5. '‘The Jerseys exhibit more fertility as well as a higher fat and protein content in their milk compared to Holsteins,’ says Washburn.'
  6. '‘They're really hard-working, these little Jerseys,’ says Edie, who takes her own share of barn shifts; at least two a week.'
  7. 'They milk 150 Jerseys but plan to increase the herd size to 180 this autumn.'
  8. 'I had taken two sculpting classes at Iowa State University, and I knew cows, since we milked 300 Jerseys at our dairy farm.'

proper noun

The largest of the Channel Islands; population 91,900 (est. 2009); capital, St Helier.

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    1. a close-fitting, knitted sweater or shirt.

    2. a plain-knit, machine-made fabric of wool, silk, nylon, rayon, etc., characteristically soft and elastic, used for garments.

    3. (initial capital letter) one of a breed of dairy cattle, raised originally on the island of Jersey, producing milk with a high butterfat content.

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    "powers can be jersey."

    "bloods can be jersey."


    Late 16th century (denoting woollen worsted fabric made in Jersey): from Jersey.