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A bean-shaped sweet with a jelly-like centre and a firm sugar coating.
  1. 'All their knowledge is based on what they've been exposed to: a peach flavored jelly bean or fruit roll-up.'
  2. 'Eyes are gumdrops and jelly beans, antennae are licorice lace, and the tongue is a shaped gumdrop.'
  3. 'The moment a child is quiet for a second, a jelly bean is presented to him.'
  4. 'The extras, however, smack sour like olives in a jelly bean jar.'
  5. 'They say money doesn't grow on trees, but it does spring up from jelly bean soil in these graduation party centerpieces.'
  6. 'It used to be that we could sneak into the reception and help ourselves to jelly beans from the candy jar on the front counter.'
  7. 'They have put out giant bowls of snacks: jelly beans, Gummi Bears, unsalted cashews, sugar-free sucking candies.'
  8. 'A simple jelly bean is insidious enough, but these are far worse.'
  9. 'The emerald mosaic look on the outside is created with coarsely chopped thin zucchini strips; the ruby coating is made with red jelly beans.'
  10. '‘The thing is a big jelly bean,’ joked one juror.'

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1. a small, bean-shaped, usually brightly colored candy with a hard sugar coating and a firm gelatinous filling.

More examples(as adjective)

"pinks can be jellybean."