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Definitions and examples

plural noun

Hard-wearing casual trousers made of denim or other cotton fabric.
  1. 'Zach was decked out in the same scruffy jeans he'd been wearing in the video.'
  2. 'He had short hair, was clean shaven and was wearing a shirt, jacket, jeans and a white baseball cap.'
  3. 'Below the top, she wore faded jeans and scuffed trainers, and held a burgundy jumper in her lap.'
  4. 'I have spent the past week wearing black jeans that are just a bit snug for comfort.'
  5. 'She testified that he was wearing blue acid washed jeans and was not wearing a shirt.'
  6. 'We had no money to buy fancy clothes, so we just used to wear our jeans because it was a lot cheaper.'
  7. 'He was wearing black jeans with a rip on his left knee and a blue sweater.'
  8. 'Liz was wearing the new jeans, boots and denim blouse she had got at Christmas.'
  9. 'He was wearing a navy Polo shirt and slightly baggy jeans that looked quite good on him.'
  10. 'He was wearing a black turtleneck and tight black jeans, making him look even thinner than he was.'

More definitions

1. Sir James (Hopwood)[hop-woo d]/ˈhɒp wʊd/, 1877–1946, English astrophysicist and author. jean [jeen or for 1, British formerly jeyn] /dʒin or for 1, British formerly dʒeɪn/ Spell Syllables noun

1. Sometimes, jeans. a sturdy twilled fabric, usually of cotton.

2. jeans, (used with a plural verb) blue jeans. pants of various fabrics, styled or constructed like blue jeans.Compare Levi's.

More examples(as adjective)

"stills can be jeans."

"lines can be jeans."


(Jeans)Mid 19th century: plural of jean.