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Of, resembling, or in the style of jazz.
  1. 'There was no disappointment, as the band let loose with jazzy groove that had people moving en masse.'
  2. 'Its a beautiful jazzy tune in a style Sarah hasn't really explored before.'
  3. 'The jazzy percussion's reminiscent of Liquid Liquid: snaps, shakers, cowbell, and maracas.'
  4. 'But Darrin loves her jazzy style of singing and gorgeous looks.'
  5. 'These are mixed with similarly jazzy bass motifs, and both are chopped and spliced to construct thoroughly hip-hop forms.'
  6. 'Every morning and evening songbirds gave us a glorious symphonic performance rich in harmony, melody and a few jazzy solos.'
  7. 'The basic Spiders From Mars guitar-bass-drums lineup is fleshed out a bit with Mike Garson's jazzy piano and smooth, greasy sounding horns.'
  8. 'Stephanie Biddle and the Paradise Band ring in the New Year in jazzy style at Montreal's landmark jazz 'n' ribs joint.'
  9. 'The styles range from country shuffles through polka and rocking country to the jazzy ruminations of the closing ‘American Reprieve’.'
  10. 'Massive string swells and jazzy electric piano stabs immediately bring the more esoteric work of Carl Craig and Derrick May to mind.'
Bright, colourful, and showy.
  1. 'When we danced with him, we had to do absolutely authentic dances, but in jazzy costumes, to jazz music.'
  2. 'I made a comment on a passing car, which was a jazzy new Mini in extremely bright red.'
  3. 'The views were to a hazy mid-distance, over fields of green, chalky white and jazzy yellow - a spectacle of colour.'
  4. 'Not perhaps a jazzy colour to sport in the summer for it attracts the heat - but seeing as this little baby comes also in the shades of navy, red and green, it's not too shabby.'


1. pertaining to or suggestive of jazz music.

2. Informal. active or lively.

3. Informal. fancy or flashy: a jazzy sweater.

More examples(as adjective)

"machines can be jazziest."