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A native or inhabitant of Java, or a person of Javanese descent.
  1. 'While most of the people praying at the Sam Poo Thay Jien altar are ethnic Chinese, most of the people at the Anchor Temple are Javanese.'
  2. 'The Dutch colonized the Javanese for 300 years before they finally pointed their guns on Aceh in 1873.'
The Indonesian language of central Java, spoken by about 70 million people.
  1. 'The language of the kampungs and the street is Javanese, not Bahasa Indonesia.'
  2. 'His children all speak Javanese as well as Indonesian and work in shops.'


Relating to Java, its people, or their language.
  1. 'A few years ago, when Soeharto was still in power, an ancient temple in Central Java was reportedly destroyed by a group of believers in Javanese mysticism, including some then Cabinet ministers.'
  2. 'Gembili in the Javanese language are small, round and black-skinned potatoes.'


1. of or relating to the island of Java, its people, or their language. noun, plural Javanese.

2. a member of the native Malayan people of Java, especially of that branch of it in the central part of the island.

3. the Austronesian language of central Java.

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