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A wide-mouthed cylindrical container made of glass or pottery, especially one used for storing food.
  1. 'Transfer the apple sauce to clean pint jars, leaving one-half inch headspace.'
  2. 'You can preserve your sauce by canning it in sterilized pint jars in a hot water bath for 35 minutes.'
  3. 'If it goes ahead, each household will receive a blue sack for newspapers and magazines and a 55-litre box for glass bottles and jars.'
  4. 'The vessels are all small, two-handled pottery jars and lack decoration.'
  5. 'If you'd prefer to be cautious, use glass jars to store leftovers or wrap foods in wax paper before wrapping them in aluminum.'
  6. 'The 1,300-year-old skeleton it came from was found in a small garden along with a knife, a belt and some pottery jars that would have contained provisions for the after-life.'
  7. 'The limes are quartered, steamed, combined with oil fragrant with aromatic spices, vinegar and salt then stored in airtight jars.'
  8. 'You can trace history by finding cod bottles, ceramic beer bottles and jars, numerous items of crockery and even clay pipes.'
  9. 'Seal the drying salt in an airtight container such as a glass jar or plastic tub.'
  10. 'You can eat some immediately, but, as with most pickles, this one improves with time, stored in sterilised jars.'
  11. 'a jar of coffee'
  12. 'She wants ‘that feminine touch,’ while I'm content with a jar of pickles and a Giants game.'
  13. 'How about if we dip our fingers in a jar of purple ink?'
  14. 'let's have a jar'
  15. 'Locals will tell you, Ireland's the only place to get a true pint of stout. Fancy a jar?'


  1. 'The door was on the jar. I mounted the steps, that is as well as my trembling knees would allow, clutching at the balustrade between my swoonings.'

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1. to have a harshly unpleasant or perturbing effect on one's nerves, feelings, thoughts, etc.: The sound of the alarm jarred.

2. to produce a harsh, grating sound; sound discordantly.

3. to vibrate audibly; rattle: The window jarred in the frame.

4. to vibrate or shake.

5. to conflict, clash, or disagree. verb (used with object), jarred, jarring.

6. to cause to rattle or shake.

7. to have a sudden and unpleasant effect upon (the feel

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"ties can be jarred."

"weeks can be jarred."

"shoulders can be jarred."

"nerves can be jarred."

"faces can be jarred."

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(jar)Late 17th century: later form of obsolete char ‘turn’ (see also ajar and charwoman).