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A caretaker or doorkeeper of a building.
  1. 'Over the next decade he earned barely £200 from his music and was forced to work as a welder and hotel janitor.'
  2. 'The education system remained functioning but without the assistance of school secretaries, janitors, laboratory workers and other administrative employees.'
  3. 'Instead of janitors or custodians, Japanese schools had the students clean up the classrooms at the end of the day.'
  4. 'They took jobs with low pay and little advancement potential, working as busboys, waiters, gardeners, janitors, and domestic help in cities.'
  5. 'Out of the corners come the shadowy shapes of the janitors, to sweep the pamphlets, trinkets, and candy wrappers from the floors and tables of the rapidly emptying room.'

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1. a person employed in an apartment house, office building, school, etc., to clean the public areas, remove garbage, and do minor repairs; caretaker.

2. Archaic. a doorkeeper or porter. verb (used without object)

3. to be employed as a janitor.

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"pipes can be janitor."


Mid 16th century: from Latin, from janua ‘door’.