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An escape from jail.
  1. 'There have been similar jailbreaks from military detention in the past.'
  2. 'The possibility that the jailbreak was planned jointly by the prisoners and at least one of their jailers is also being investigated.'
  3. 'The outgoing minister cited that over the past several weeks brawls and prison riots as well as a jailbreak had occurred at the penitentiary, which has about 120 guards working three shifts.'
  4. 'On May 28th, the Fairfax County jail experienced its first jailbreak.'
  5. 'A spate of brazen jailbreaks in recent years underlined how poor security is.'
  6. 'Tuesday's jailbreak was the latest in a long series of people escaping from the police detention centers.'


Modify (a smartphone or other electronic device) to remove restrictions imposed by the manufacturer or operator, e.g. to allow the installation of unauthorized software.
  1. 'If you have 1.1.1, you'll have to jailbreak first, then transfer it on manually.'
  2. 'They've already made it clear that you jailbreak an iPhone at your own risk, voiding your warranty at a minimum.'
  3. 'It's got lots of tips, tricks, and will even teach you how to jailbreak and SIM unlock your iPhone.'

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1. an escape from prison, especially by forcible means.

2. Digital Technology. an instance of gaining access to the operating system of a smartphone, tablet, etc., especially one manufactured by Apple. a software program or piece of hardware used to accomplish this: You'll need a jailbreak to run unauthorized apps. an instance of circumventing restrictions on access to any computer system or digital content. verb (used with object), jailbroke[jeyl-brohk]/ˈdʒeɪlˌbroʊk/, j

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"cases can be jailbreak."

"attempts can be jailbreak."

"weeks can be jailbreak."

"plans can be jailbreak."

"attemptwases can be jailbreak."

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