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With rough, sharp points protruding.
  1. figurative 'her jagged nerves'
  2. 'They clambered up the jagged stones and tried not to slide down on spiky ones on the ways down.'
  3. 'It's fairly even, and the good thing about having thick hair is that it isn't noticeable when the ends are jagged.'
  4. 'Up ahead the skyline is jagged with the crags of Simon's Seat high on Barden Moor.'
  5. 'I went hiking and I saw jagged cliffs, rolling tundra and delicate purple saxifrage.'
  6. 'The city is beautifully located in the heart of the Pyrenees, with jagged peaks visible from almost any part of town.'
  7. 'A canine tooth had fragmented long ago and jagged spikes of it were embedded in the animal's infected gums.'
  8. 'Some look out over jagged urban skyscapes, while others survey open green countryside.'
  9. 'Stuck at a boring party early in the film, de Van goes for a stroll out back and trips, cutting herself on some jagged metal.'
  10. 'Niall was clearing the remaining jagged edges of glass from the windows and banging on the side of the wreck in the hope of some response.'
  11. 'The edges of the tattered hull weren't jagged or serrated like a normal gash caused by a rocket or something more powerful than a normal laser.'


1. having ragged notches, points, or teeth; zigzag: the jagged edge of a saw; a jagged wound.

2. having a harsh, rough, or uneven quality.

More examples(as adjective)

"edges can be jagged."

"peaks can be jagged."

"rocks can be jagged."

"teeth can be jagged."

"lines can be jagged."

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Late Middle English: from jag.