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Judge Advocate General.


    A Jaguar car.
    1. 'If your heart's set on racing old guys in old Jags on Indian Canyon Drive, then you might need the V - 8.'
    2. 'Of course light weight doesn't just help you to go quickly in a straight line, and the Jag changes direction with an enthusiasm that belies its size.'
    3. 'Again with rearwheel drive, the Jag is more fluid and sporty than the enormous Merc, but not quite as sharp as the Beamer.'

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    1. a sharp projection on an edge or surface. verb (used with object), jagged, jagging.

    2. to cut or slash, especially in points or pendants along the edge; form notches, teeth, or ragged points in. verb (used without object), jagged, jagging.

    3. to move with a jerk; jog.

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    "cuts can be jag."


    (jag)1950s: abbreviation.