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An offshore drilling rig the legs of which are lowered to the seabed from the operating platform.
  1. 'The tribute came after the Court of Appeal ruled that men on jack-up oil rigs could enjoy the same tax benefits as seafarers.'
  2. 'Aminex chief executive Brian Hall said: ‘We have carefully reviewed all the drilling options for Nyuni and conclude that a jack-up rig is the most effective and appropriate option for drilling in this area.’'
A dishonest or underhand way of achieving something.
  1. 'That was a politically motivated jack-up a couple of weeks before an election.'
  2. 'The process by which Mr Derek Fox got himself to be appointed as the chief executive officer of the Maori Television Service was nothing less than a monumental jack-up - and that Minister knows it.'

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1. an increase or rise: a recent jack-up in prices.

More examples(as adjective)

"rigs can be jackup."

"rates can be jackup."

"sales can be jackup."

"sectors can be jackup."

"orders can be jackup."

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