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A large cash prize in a game or lottery, especially one that accumulates until it is won.
  1. 'Bingo halls will be able to offer much bigger jackpots and rollover prizes.'
  2. 'As sales have soared, NS&I has been able to increase the value of the prize fund to provide a second jackpot.'
  3. 'There are wonderful cash prizes and two jackpots on offer.'
  4. 'LAS VEGAS - With slot floors looking more and more alike, casinos jockeying for the latest hot games are using another tool to woo gamblers: custom-designed jackpots.'
  5. 'Three jackpot-shows are programmed for low-level, medium-level and high-level jackpots.'
  6. 'She rejects the argument that National Lottery jackpots are too large and should be capped at, say, #1m because of the way sales increase in rollover weeks.'
  7. 'There are wonderful cash prizes and jackpots on offer and a friendly atmosphere pertains.'
  8. 'The odds of winning the jackpot on the national lottery are one in nearly 14m.'
  9. 'Plans for Las Vegas-style casinos and fruit machines with £1m jackpots were approved in the Commons, despite a revolt against the government scheme by Labour MPs.'
  10. 'Take Powerball in the U.S. This game is a multi-state lottery and the jackpots have crept over the $300 million a few times (they have to pay tax so the take home is only half of that).'

More definitions

1. the chief prize or the cumulative stakes in a game or contest, as in bingo, a quiz contest, or a slot machine.

2. Poker. a pot that accumulates until a player opens the betting with a pair of predetermined denomination, usually jacks or better. Idioms

3. an outstanding reward or success.

4. hit the jackpot, Informal. to achieve a sensational success; have sudden luck: The firm has hit the jackpot with its new line of computers. to win a jackpot.

More examples(as adjective)

"wills can be jackpots."

"startings can be jackpots."

"licences can be jackpots."


(jackpot)Late 19th century: from jack + pot. The term was originally used in a form of poker, where the pool or pot accumulated until a player could open the bidding with two jacks or better.


hit the jackpot