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An outer garment extending either to the waist or the hips, typically having sleeves and a fastening down the front.
  1. 'He misjudged her reaction, and removed his leather jacket, enveloping her shoulders with it.'
  2. 'For evening, her navy tuxedo jacket has satin trim on the collar, pocket and sleeves, and is a modern twist on a classic design.'
  3. 'The popular lengths for jackets this fall are waist length, three-quarter length and trench coat length.'
  4. 'Damian pulled out an envelope from his jacket and sat across from Stephanie, his other hand still holding onto her delicate fingers.'
  5. 'From leather jackets and blazers, to pants, yes, pants, learn to look stylish in the latest trend.'
  6. 'I reached into the front pocket of my jacket and took out a small business card.'
  7. 'The jackets are skillfully constructed, whether impeccable blazers or little jackets with bouffant sleeves.'
  8. 'Suspicions were raised when a chamber maid saw documents in his jacket which contradicted his story.'
  9. 'He unbuttoned the tuxedo jacket and rolled the sleeves to his elbows.'
  10. 'The mystery caller was stocky and dressed in a blouson jacket and a baseball cap.'
An outer covering, especially one placed round a tank or pipe to insulate it.
  1. 'Similarly, a steel and concrete jacket was secured to the swing span central pier in 1936.'
  2. 'If you have a conventional water heater, give it a wrap as well with an insulated jacket that will help prevent energy loss.'
  3. 'A selection of books are on display with a summary of the story covering the book jacket.'
  4. 'You may not have heard of House Industries, but you will undoubtedly have seen their work, be it on book jackets, CD covers or in the typography of advertising.'
  5. 'Chris Moore lives in another world - but it's all in a day's work for the artist whose illustrations have been used on the book jackets of some of the world's top authors.'
  6. 'Nelly nodded looking over my shoulder at the titles on the jackets of the records.'
The skin of a potato.
  1. 'New season potatoes, baked in their jackets and dressed ever so slightly with olive oil are the best possible accompaniment to properly cooked burgers and a green salad.'
  2. 'All we ate every day was a piece of black bread and three potatoes cooked in their jackets.'
  3. 'We sat in the cafe and had a mundane lunch (a jacket with tuna - the tuna was more mayonnaise than anything and tasted like cement).'
A folder or envelope containing an official document or file.
    A steel frame fixed to the seabed, forming the support structure of an oil production platform.


      Cover with a jacket.
      1. 'For cladding-pumped laser experiments, some preforms have been jacketed with a second quartz glass tube in order to increase the cladding-core relation.'

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      1. a short coat, in any of various forms, usually opening down the front.

      2. something designed to be placed around the upper part of the body for a specific purpose other than use as clothing: a life jacket.

      3. a protective outer covering.

      4. the skin of a potato, especially when it has been cooked.

      5. book jacket.

      6. the cover of a paperbound book, usually bearing an illustration.

      7. a paper or cardboard envelope for protecting a phonograph record.

      8. a metal casing, as the st

      More examples(as adjective)

      "pianists can be jacketed."

      "folks can be jacketed."

      "dealers can be jacketed."

      "boilers can be jacketed."


      (jacket)Late Middle English: from Old French jaquet, diminutive of jaque (see jack).