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Physically or mentally stimulated from the effects of a drug or stimulant.
  1. 'Those, though, are too unreal to jolt and sillier than a pack of Girl Scouts jacked up on cotton candy and soda pop.'
  2. 'I am far too jacked up on coffee to think.'
  3. 'We don't know for sure whether or not they're getting jacked up.'
  4. 'He was still pretty much jacked up on drugs, and the rest of the team had practically left.'
  5. '"I always knew that that Steve was a jacked up little-"'
  6. 'Would be funnier if I was seven and jacked up on Count Chocula.'
  7. 'And how else are you going stop a 350 pound guy, all jacked up on drugs?'
  8. 'Yeah, it's a fun song, glorying in getting "all jacked up" but also providing a warning.'
  9. 'I suppose he probably was jacked up about 98% of the time in 1974.'
  10. 'Maybe more people would be honest and not cheat to compete outside their class, but think how fun boxing could be or even speed skating if a few players could be jacked up.'
  11. 'we're jacked about going to the semifinals'
  12. 'Everybody is jacked up about it, but I don't know if it's going to be that great or not.'
  13. 'How jacked are the Greeks of their team's success?'
  14. 'I'm just so jacked up about being with these guys and having the chance to compete again.'
  15. 'I'm still jacked up about this one.'
  16. 'Still collectively jacked up on an 'I Am Canadian' buzz, the reaction was visceral.'
  17. '"They are going to have some momentum from their win against UBC, but sometimes it's hard to come off an emotional high and get jacked up again," explained Clark.'
  18. 'We're jacked up about it.'
  19. 'I'm so jacked up, because I've just won three holes.'
  20. 'I spent the rest of Thursday reminding myself just how much I suck for being so jacked about a stupid video game.'
  21. 'This seems to get everyone jacked.'
(of a person) having very well-developed muscles.
  1. 'Poor wimps have no idea what it feels like to be this jacked and strong.'
  2. 'Though he's not as jacked as he was in the previous film, he shoulders a good deal of on-screen charm.'
  3. 'She leads her crew of two other jacked women through the exercise on a nice sunny beachfront.'
  4. 'He is a big jacked up guy who looks like he can easily kill anyone with his bare hands.'
  5. 'You don't realize it because he's so huge, but the dude is just jacked.'
  6. 'Kickbox Bootcamp is fronted a fitness expert who is so jacked she would have little trouble beating me to death with my own spleen.'
  7. 'He's so jacked, I feel like a 8 year old girl whenever I'm near his presence.'
  8. 'Yes sir, I will be ripped, shredded, jacked and fat-free.'
  9. 'Living in Manhattan, we see about 300 meatheads everyday wearing t-shirts that are about six sizes too small because they think they're jacked and they want everyone to think that they're jacked, even though they usually aren't.'

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1. very stimulated and excited, as from coffee or drugs. jack1 [jak] /dʒæk/ Spell Syllables noun

1. any of various portable devices for raising or lifting heavy objects short heights, using various mechanical, pneumatic, or hydraulic methods.

2. Also called knave. Cards. a playing card bearing the picture of a soldier or servant.

3. Electricity. a connecting device in an electrical circuit designed for the insertion of a plug.

4. (initial capital

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"rates can be jacked in/at/on percents."

"suns can be jacked."

"rates can be jacked."

"people can be jacked."

"in.s can be jacked."

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