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A hard creamy-white substance composing the main part of the tusks of an elephant, walrus, or narwhal, often (especially formerly) used to make ornaments and other articles.
  1. 'In June 1989, the U.S. government imposed a ban on commercial importation of African elephant ivory into the country.'
  2. 'Currently, Namibia has over 40 tonnes of ivory, mostly from elephants killed in other countries and seized in Namibia while in transit.'
  3. 'Rather than being carved in elephant ivory, they have been made from a walrus tusk, a material commonly used in northern Europe for such objects at this time.'
  4. 'Walrus ivory is derived from the male animal and usually has a much smaller cross-section.'
  5. 'While he declines to provide specifics until the data are published, he says elephant poaching for ivory has become a serious threat to the species.'
  6. 'Major problems confronting CITES have resulted from the highly lucrative trade in the ivory from tusks of elephants.'
  7. 'Walruses were killed for three centuries for their oil, skin, and ivory from their tusks.'
  8. 'The rebels are believed to be eating and selling hippo meat and taking the animals' teeth for ivory.'
  9. 'The colour of ivory differs markedly from creamy white to a rusty brown, especially if it has been exposed to light, or treated with a stain.'
  10. 'Today, of course, ivory is hard to find and almost prohibitively expensive.'
  11. 'Many of these Carolingian ivories probably did not depend directly on the Munich panel, as the arrangement quickly became the Carolingian standard.'
  12. 'The ivories are introduced by a group of ancient port maps and manuscripts, which represent some of the earliest Western depictions of the African continent and its in habitants.'
  13. 'The Ife head, the Igbo Ukwu castings, the Benin bronzes, the Afro-Portuguese ivories, the Kuba king figures, and many other old friends have now returned to the British Museum in these spacious and airy galleries.'
  14. 'The manuscripts, ivories and metalworking of the new Empire also reinvented classical art, in particular the accurate depiction of the human figure and an interest in the vine scroll and plant ornament beloved of the Romans.'
  15. 'In addition, the museum features important collections of porcelain, enamels, ivories, arms, tapestries and furniture.'
  16. 'Many pieces of priceless ivories, sculptures and gold coins were also sold to unscrupulous foreign dealers.'
  17. 'Another collection of lesser ivories was in the basement store of the museum.'
  18. 'The monasteries became repositories of treasures which included paintings, sculptures, manuscripts, ivories, bronzes, reliquaries, precious stones, and textiles.'
  19. 'Derek tinkled the ivories for us'
  20. 'Anne Nickels tinkled the ivories for more than 12 hours as she performed all 798 hymns in the Mission Praise song book.'
  21. 'Bradman of course himself made a couple of recordings and he tinkled the ivories and people found that interesting.'
  22. 'Like fake nails for the teeth, these thin, custom-made shells of tooth-colored material are bonded permanently to your true ivories. Teeth must be filed and prepared to accommodate these shells, an irreversible process.'
The creamy-white colour of ivory.
  1. 'If you wish to wear warm colours, ivory, orange, cream, bright yellow and green, purple are good choices.'
  2. 'The bride wore an ivory off-the-shoulder gown with embroidery and pearl detail on the back, a full-length train and a shoulder-length veil.'
  3. 'Colours this season are ivory, camel, many shades of brown, red, burgundy, moss and olive green, and, of course, black.'
  4. 'Wearing a heavily-embroidered ivory dress featuring veil and tiara, Majella also stopped to thank well wishers.'
  5. 'The walls were a soft ivory and the ceiling was artistic, like those in Italian churches.'
  6. 'She wore an ivory princess-line dress and carried a bouquet of cream roses.'

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1. the hard white substance, a variety of dentin, composing the main part of the tusks of the elephant, walrus, etc.

2. this substance when taken from a dead animal and used to make carvings, billiard balls, etc.

3. some substance resembling this.

4. an article made of this substance, as a carving or a billiard ball.

5. a tusk, as of an elephant.

6. dentin of any kind.

7. Slang. a tooth, or the teeth.

8. ivories, Slang. the keys of a piano or of a similar keyboard i

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"liveries can be ivory."

"throats can be ivory."

"gulls can be ivory."

"dresses can be ivory."

"colours can be ivory."

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Middle English: from Anglo-Norman French ivurie, based on Latin ebur.