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Make (attitudes or behaviour) part of one's nature by learning or unconscious assimilation.
  1. 'At the moment many people have internalised corrupt behaviour as normal in their daily lives.'
  2. 'Of course many of us have internalized toxic attitudes such as racism and homophobia, Gage writes.'
  3. 'Stigma is often internalized by individuals with mental illness, leading to hopelessness, lower self-esteem, and isolation.'
  4. 'It appears that millions had begun to internalize the language of the regime, to take at face value its claims to be building socialism.'
  5. 'This silent period helps them internalize the rules of the language they are exposed to.'
  6. 'Both deconstruction and structuralism asserted that people are culturally and socially constructed, and that they internalize culture much in the same way that they internalize a natural language.'
  7. 'The syntactic structures of written English are less likely to have been internalized by second language students in the region.'
Incorporate (costs) as part of a pricing structure, especially social costs resulting from a product's manufacture and use.
  1. 'Before the Coase Theorem, the prevailing view in economics was government intervention in the form of taxes on externalities, forcing the polluter to internalize costs borne by others.'
  2. 'You could say we should internalize those costs in prices, so that it affects people's behaviour.'
  3. 'The emphasis is on internalising the external costs associated with different forms of transport.'

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1. to incorporate (the cultural values, mores, motives, etc., of another or of a group), as through learning, socialization, or identification.

2. to make subjective or give a subjective character to.

3. Linguistics. to acquire (a linguistic rule, structure, etc.) as part of one's language competence.

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"dialogues can be internalized."

"actions can be internalized."

"voices can be internalized."

"transactions can be internalized."

"spiritualities can be internalized."

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