Adjective "intermingle" definition and examples

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Mix or mingle together.
  1. with object 'Riesling grapes were always intermingled with other varieties'
  2. 'The above are safe and effective ways to intermingle with others without having to feel pressured.'
  3. 'Our lives were intense and completely intermingled with one another.'
  4. 'Rich copper-red color intermingles with yellow-olive iridescence at the margins.'
  5. 'Using these images, she intermingles tales of the past with stories from residents now living in the area.'
  6. 'The problem is that he simply does not understand that it causes difficulties when he intermingles his personal affairs with his parliamentary duties.'
  7. 'Their music is fresh and unique with a delicate blend of music and song, intermingled throughout the CD.'
  8. 'Acts of violence, intermingled with humour, are core features of the novel.'
  9. 'The company, which is more than a decade old, intermingles classical ballet with elements of traditional Chinese dance.'
  10. 'This is intermingled with chords that together present a fanfare feel.'
  11. 'Both groups are intermingling without any hostility or altercations.'

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1. to mingle, one with another; intermix.

More examples(as adjective)

"styles can be intermingle."