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Join or connect (two or more things) together.
  1. 'Hart interlinks themes of power, money, gender and psychological superiority - each character is examined by motive and gain.'
  2. '‘In fact whoever is responsible for these acts of sacrilege have also tried to demolish the dividing wall that interlinks both cemeteries there,’ said the Canon.'
  3. 'He added that while the two cities were interlinked, they were very distinct and pointed out Wakefield was the historic capital of the old West Riding.'
  4. 'In Dr. Walsh's opinion interlinking motor ways would be the single most important piece of infrastructure that would help regional cities to compete with Dublin.'
  5. 'The basic technique is interlinking the threads in a single twist.'
  6. 'All of our sites will be tightly interlinked technologically, so you can click from one to another.'
  7. 'In my case I have had the opportunity to interlink dance and management.'
  8. 'Since upstream and downstream activities are interlinked, a comprehensive programme for the entire basin is essential for its success.'
  9. '‘About Sophie,’ I answer, interlinking my fingers together, studying the movement of an ant on the polished floor.'
  10. 'He said the criminal gangs operated independently of each other, but are interlinked and probably cooperated in the vandalism.'

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1. to link, one with another. noun

2. a connecting link.

More examples(as adjective)

"computers can be interlinked."

"systems can be interlinked."

"parts can be interlinked."

"natures can be interlinked."

"economies can be interlinked."

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