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Cross or be crossed intricately together; interweave.
  1. 'closely interlacing branches'
  2. 'She grinned at him and took it, interlacing their fingers, as she always liked to do.'
  3. 'Somehow, you must record that other sheet and interlace one image over the other to decipher this code.'
  4. 'Keeping your legs straight at the knees and your heels pushed towards the ceiling, take your arms over your head and interlace your fingers, turning the palms away.'
  5. 'She leaned forward and draped her arms around her knees, interlacing her fingers.'
  6. '‘It's the best prank of the year,’ I informed him, interlacing our fingers.'
  7. 'He pays for our drinks and as we go outside, he takes my hand into his and interlaces our fingers.'
  8. 'Davis nodded, taking a seat behind his desk and interlacing his fingers underneath his chin.'
  9. '‘All right,’ the principal started, interlacing his fingers and placing his hands calmly on his desk.'
  10. 'I interlaced my fingers and lifted them up to my lips so that the tips of the forefingers were touching my upper lip.'
  11. 'Brandon was absently playing with a strand of Chasity's hair, wrapping it around his finger, tucking it behind her ear and interlacing it between his fingers.'
  12. 'These bits are interlaced with the usual interview cuts from Lawrence, director David Raynr, and the production team.'
  13. 'The remark provoked raucous laughter, and the balance of the first game was interlaced with a slew of lewd speculation.'
  14. 'But Shakespeare scholars realized that the actual text was interlaced with lines that cut against Olivier's theme of martial glory and royal heroism.'
  15. 'A prologue and sixteen scenes are interlaced with a twelve-note theme and fifteen variations for orchestra alone.'
  16. 'Lovano's music is described by critics as interlacing the past with the present.'
  17. 'interlaced displays'
  18. 'I tried switching between progressive and interlaced modes, and saw the TV do its reconfiguration flash, but the text jittered in both modes.'
  19. 'Analog televisions, for example, interlace frames to create the appearance of 30 frames-per-second resolution.'

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1. to cross one another, typically passing alternately over and under, as if woven together; intertwine: Their hands interlaced. verb (used with object), interlaced, interlacing.

2. to unite or arrange (threads, strips, parts, branches, etc.) so as to intercross one another, passing alternately over and under; intertwine.

3. to mingle; blend.

4. to diversify, as with threads woven in.

5. to intersperse; intermingle: She interlaced her l

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"squares can be interlaced."

"tracks can be interlaced."

"circles can be interlaced."

"scannings can be interlaced."

"ornaments can be interlaced."

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(interlace)Late Middle English: from Old French entrelacier, from entre- ‘between’ + lacier ‘to lace’.