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Situated on or relating to the inside of something; inner.
  1. 'There are outdoor hallways around an interior courtyard.'
  2. 'The only quibbles are the lack of a simple way to unlock the doors from inside, and an interior light which is too bright for the driver's comfort.'
  3. 'Now he incorporates these techniques - interior courtyards and closed gardens - into modern buildings.'
  4. 'Glass lids with interior lighting are optional.'
  5. 'It is the display window, the interior lighting, the flooring, the music, the color schemes and the clean and neat arrangement of the walls and floor.'
  6. 'Moments later the door was lying in the courtyard and officers burst inside through an interior set of double glass doors.'
  7. 'If this is not possible, take shelter inside a windowless, interior room in the house.'
  8. 'And he liked the other clerks, who still played basketball together and gathered for weekly happy hours at the court's interior courtyards.'
  9. 'They also have a proprietary coating that reflects radiant interior heat back inside to help you stay warm in winter.'
  10. 'Perfect for a rail collector, the model has its own driver's cab, first class section with reclining seats and interior lighting.'
  11. 'the layer immediately interior to the epidermis'
  12. 'Symmetric asters are shown in the deep interior region (green arrows).'
  13. 'Some of the interior scenes were set in the domed Moorish ballroom which is now a restaurant.'
  14. 'There are quality issues with the film itself, such as pronounced grain in interior scenes and abject shadow detail.'
  15. 'Then, on the next day, we would come back with the actors and film the interior car shots with them driving.'
  16. 'Many of the film's interior shots are shadowy, with most of the lighting provided by glowing fireplaces, and these scenes looked very warm.'
  17. 'The film rarely shifts to interior shots, instead centering its narrative attentions on the activity in this park-like area.'
  18. 'This Scotsman article shows the first interior shot of an MSP's office in the new Scottish Parliament building that I have seen.'
  19. 'In the late afternoon and early evening I worked up some more of the interior photographs.'
  20. 'An illustrated catalogue features never before seen interior photographs of the Kennedy homes as well as seldom seen candid images of the Kennedy family.'
  21. 'In a few night interior scenes, actors' hair fades indistinguishably into the dark background.'
  22. 'It is in these interior scenes that we witness Singer's true, but often misdirected, strengths.'
  23. 'The few brightly lit interior scenes in the film happen in hospital corridors; these tend to be too bright and look a bit washed out.'
  24. 'Negotiations with various actors for the filming of the interior portion of the film had barely even begun.'
  25. 'It's quite exciting actually - they are filming mainly interior shots in two houses owned by the university.'
Remote from the coast or frontier; inland.
  1. 'Hurricane Charley tossed travel trailers, homes, and boats as it raced through central interior Florida.'
  2. 'Whites and some blacks have tended to leave high-immigration cities on the coasts for smaller interior cities in the West and South.'
  3. 'Probably for the first time ever, we can listen to Chinese peasants from poor interior regions speaking openly and sincerely about their lives.'
  4. 'We know that climate change reduces fish stocks, increases rainfall in coastal areas and drought in the interior regions, and increases the risk of forest fires.'
  5. 'It is not easy to transport material to the interior regions.'
  6. 'It's a disturbing, yet spiritual, journey; an almost surreal baring of the natural frontier akin to an interior landscape.'
  7. 'The purpose of this study was to identify those climatic factors most important to the production of small grains in the interior region of Alaska.'
  8. 'Toward the eastern coast there is an interior belt of green, hilly country that contains the Cape and Natal midlands.'
  9. 'In recent weeks, angry Chinese have reportedly taken to the streets not only in underdeveloped interior regions but also in prosperous coastal areas in the south of the country.'
  10. 'The Johnson site is located midway along a major interior water route, the Inland Waterway connecting Lake Michigan and Lake Huron.'
Relating to a country's internal affairs.
  1. 'Preparations are underway in Sheffield to protest against the G8 justice and interior ministers' summit.'
  2. 'The interior minister was unable to push these plans through in the coalition negotiations, but the jurisdiction of the BKA was still expanded.'
  3. 'As interior minister from 2002 to 2004, he fed the media with spectacular police actions and the mass deportation of immigrants.'
  4. 'The rigorous action by federal interior ministers has led to cross-party protests within the national parliament.'
  5. 'Britain was to the fore in pushing for the ratification of more than 30 measures discussed last Thursday by EU home affairs and interior ministers.'
  6. 'The interior ministers of the EU are calling on the commission to hold further negotiations with Albania, Algeria, China and Turkey.'
  7. 'While the Argentine interior minister had warned against possible looting resulting from the march, demonstrators made no attempt to seize food.'
  8. 'This happens when the leadership of a nation neglected interior governance and stressed external affairs.'
  9. 'He commissioned the interior minister to take measures to ensure there is no repetition of such ‘negative extremist deeds’.'
  10. 'For this reason it is quite possible that there will be no bargaining between the president and the minister of interior affairs - chief secretary for the special services.'
Existing or taking place in the mind or soul; mental.
  1. 'It is, fittingly, one of his most handmade, personally interior films.'
  2. 'These interior dimensions of the soul live within us at depths that are not accessible to the rational mind.'
  3. 'So Augustine will contrast the interior world of the soul with the external, empirical world and regard that former world as a far more important source of knowledge about God.'
  4. 'The closed interior world of Mitch's mind resembles too closely the hushed privacy of his new Pontiac; beyond it he feels anxiety and fear.'
  5. 'The older techniques also unlock doors in the interior world of the soul.'
  6. 'I spent many years making mechanicals by hand and they truly are a reflection of the interior mind of their creator.'
  7. 'He provides us with an interior view of his mind as he sculpts with resin, light and shadow in his dramatic exhibition.'
  8. 'The physical body provided external signs that variously reflected or imposed on the interior soul the state of its moral health.'


The inner part of something; the inside.
  1. 'An Ilkley firm has won a major contract to design the interior of a prestigious new museum.'
  2. 'If this doesn't work, the interior can be converted into a giant bed.'
  3. 'Paul chuckled, surveying the leather interior of my car.'
  4. 'With that in hand, the city advanced $500,000 to start work on the interior.'
  5. 'The work on the interior of the Church will be completed by early June.'
  6. 'Unlike most new developments, the interior of each property in Abbotts Hill can be tailored according to individual preference.'
  7. 'Work is currently underway to convert the interior of the shop so that it is identical to the bar in the oscar-winning film.'
  8. 'Against common sense and regulations, the interiors of the cars were built with flammable materials.'
  9. 'But the Victorian building has lain vacant ever since, without any sign of works to the interior.'
  10. 'The trend is just one example of car interiors becoming much more interesting.'
  11. 'a few still lifes, interiors, and landscapes'
  12. 'His presiding inspirations are Vuillard and Bonnard, masters of the domestic interior, to which he adds a dash of Abstract Expressionist brio.'
  13. 'Vuillard's interiors with their strong decorative elements echo those of Matisse.'
  14. 'I'll come back to this subject when I've done landscapes, buildings, interiors and flowers.'
  15. 'As his work developed, still lifes and interiors of restaurants or wine bars became the classic Caulfield themes.'
The inland part of a country or region.
  1. 'Even longer were the hours spent with a torch, scouring the interior of the dark continent with all the fervour of a Christian missionary seeking out the Godless.'
  2. 'Similar temperatures are clocked in Antarctica's frigid interior.'
  3. 'The Caribs roamed the heavily forested regions of the interior.'
  4. 'With few European soldiers, in the 1730s and 1740s they created an unofficial empire in the interior of southern India and excluded the British from this region.'
  5. 'A forecaster said the reason was that the interior of the country, which was a spring-rain region, was still in the grips of a winter weather pattern.'
  6. 'Wooden shoes are an item of traditional dress among rural dwellers in the interior of the region.'
  7. 'The development of the interior of the Continent was not only financed but also to a large degree managed from New York.'
  8. 'Steep hills, mountains, and ravines with narrow areas of flat terrain characterize the interior.'
  9. 'Americans dreamed of opening the interior of their continent with canals as early as the eighteenth century.'
  10. 'The journey then moves into the interior of the region, providing the most impressive sections of the book.'
The internal affairs of a country.
  1. 'Many senators and the current minister for the interior are members of this party.'
  2. 'Its members will include the ministers of interior and People's Assembly affairs, as well as three former judges and three independent public figures.'
  3. 'The ministers of defense, interior and foreign affairs are all from the same area.'


1. being within; inside of anything; internal; inner; further toward a center: the interior rooms of a house.

2. of or relating to that which is within; inside: an interior view.

3. situated well inland from the coast or border: the interior towns of a country.

4. of or relating to the inland.

5. domestic: interior trade.

6. private or hidden; inner: interior negotiations of the council.

7. pertaining to the mind or soul; mental or spiritual: the interior life.

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"flats can be interior with advantages."

"flats can be interior behind gates."

"ministers can be interior."

"ministries can be interior."

"officials can be interior."

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Late 15th century: from Latin, ‘inner’, comparative adjective from inter ‘within’.