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Relating to a period of milder climate between two glacial periods.
  1. 'Over the last half-million years or so, warm interglacial periods have been much shorter than the cold glaciations, lasting on average only 10,000 years.'
  2. 'We have 420,000 years of climate history at our fingertips, covering the last four glacial and interglacial cycles.'


An interglacial period.
  1. 'These glaciers advanced during the four ice ages (glacial periods) and retreated during the three interglacials.'
  2. 'Our present interglacial, he concludes, is similar to the one that preceded it.'


1. occurring or formed between times of glacial action.

More examples(as adjective)

"periods can be interglacial."

"phases can be interglacial."