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A protein released by animal cells, usually in response to the entry of a virus, which has the property of inhibiting virus replication.
  1. 'If this fails, interferons block the virus from forming particles which can be released and infect other neurons.'
  2. 'One example of an antiviral compound is interferon which is a chemical produced by the body in response to viral infection.'

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1. Biochemistry. any of various proteins, produced by virus-infected cells, that inhibit reproduction of the invading virus and induce resistance to further infection.

2. Pharmacology.. Also called alpha-interferon. an interferon produced by genetically engineered bacteria and harvested for use against hairy cell leukemia.

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"projects can be interferon."

"products can be interferon."

"injections can be interferon."

"treatments can be interferon."

"patents can be interferon."

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1950s: from interfere + -on.