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(of a person) tending to interfere in other people's affairs.
  1. 'This government is full of interfering busybodies.'
  2. 'Six million people - one in four of the workforce - are employed by the State, some as little more than interfering busybodies.'
  3. 'Do not tolerate interfering people.'


1. to come into opposition, as one thing with another, especially with the effect of hampering action or procedure (often followed by with): Constant distractions interfere with work.

2. to take part in the affairs of others; meddle (often followed by with or in): to interfere in another's life.

3. (of things) to strike against each other, or one against another, so as to hamper or hinder action; come into physical collision.

4. to i

More examples(as adjective)

"times can be interfering in/at/on times."

"signals can be interfering."

"clerks can be interfering."

"busybodies can be interfering."

"stations can be interfering."

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