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The feeling of wanting to know or learn about something or someone.
  1. in singular 'he developed an interest in art'
  2. 'A lot of hard work and time has gone into them and they are to be commended on their interest and enthusiasm in seeing it through.'
  3. 'I appreciate your interest and will do my best to answer your questions.'
  4. 'If you want to add some visual interest to your art, try a little texture.'
  5. 'In Scotland last week his visit caused a great deal of media interest.'
  6. 'Since we're always looking for games that might stand apart, our interest was piqued to learn more.'
  7. 'The pressure of record company and press interest was only heightened by the band's refusal to sign a deal until they had written more songs.'
  8. 'The group gig together about four times a week and have attracted considerable interest from record companies.'
  9. 'There has been a good deal of local interest shown in the campaign and the race is on to see who will be elected Lord Mayor.'
  10. 'I appreciate that it was an achievement but it is one in which neither I, nor any of my friends, has any interest.'
  11. 'I felt that it might lead me to understand why photography as an art form compels my interest.'
  12. 'The squad for Bremen next weekend is full of local interest.'
  13. 'Perhaps that is why this week there are a number of films of average quality or minority interest.'
  14. 'Unless poll results are meant to influence those yet to vote they are of academic or curiosity interest only.'
  15. 'their sole interests are soccer, drink, and cars'
  16. 'Over the years, the couple have enjoyed similar interests.'
  17. 'His only interest was art and he was lucky that some of his teachers allowed him time to pursue this during school hours.'
  18. 'Before that effort begins, let me encourage you to please send an e-mail of your current activities and interests.'
  19. 'He now feels that he is no longer under pressure, as he was in Australia, and can relax and enjoy some other interests and hobbies.'
  20. 'Before you visit, try asking parents about their teenager's interests and activities so that you will have something to talk about.'
  21. 'Because his real interests were in the study of natural history, especially watching birds.'
  22. 'Till a few years ago, his main interests and activities were physically oriented.'
  23. 'He has enjoyed a variety of interests, including the visual arts, the theater and sports.'
  24. 'Another passion of his was astronomy, which gradually developed into his primary interest.'
  25. 'I have multiple interests, so the subjects I'm interested in vary.'
Money paid regularly at a particular rate for the use of money lent, or for delaying the repayment of a debt.
  1. as modifier 'interest payments'
  2. 'It computes the effective interest rate for an investment compounded at different intervals.'
  3. 'If there is another agency which is lending money at better interest rates and with better conditions, I am ready to shift.'
  4. 'Governments have saved billions by refinancing the national debt at lower interest rates.'
  5. 'The bank will not lend money, and interest payments and receipts are forbidden.'
  6. 'That includes not only tax rebates and lower interest rates but lower energy prices as well.'
  7. 'How much will it cost by the time you have repaid your debt (capital plus interest repayments)?'
  8. 'Worries about default are also driving up interest rates on Brazil's foreign debt.'
  9. 'One way to dampen flows of borrowed money is to raise interest rates, which the central bank has tried.'
  10. 'Fixed or variable interest rates are applied, with payments spread over 24 to 48 months.'
  11. 'Central banks also manage liquidity in order to smooth out volatility in the money market interest rates.'
The advantage or benefit of a person or group.
  1. 'it is in your interest to keep your insurance details to hand'
  2. 'It's therefore in their interest to publicly explain what happened to Mr. Johnson as soon as possible.'
  3. 'Since people can convince themselves of anything that is to their benefit or is in their interest, this is not surprising.'
  4. 'This would not seem to be the noblest form of patriotism, which calls us to look beyond private interests to the public benefit.'
  5. 'They may very well see it in their interest to throw down their weapons - or turn them on their leadership.'
  6. 'It's not in his interest to sell the argument that he's fundamentally different.'
  7. 'Selling the city's crown jewels is not in our interest.'
  8. 'And to attack us in a way that might provoke a response, I don't think is in his interest.'
  9. 'Corporations will choose to promote vacuous materialist music as it is often in their interest to do so.'
  10. 'You walk into a shop or into your financial broker's rooms, and it's up to you to know what's in your interest and what's not.'
  11. 'The public interest, for whose benefit it was enacted, would not be served by construing the words in a narrow or technical way.'
  12. 'From the start, those that have championed the path of anarchy have exposed themselves as malcontents with selfish interests at heart.'
  13. 'Selfish interests of pressure-groups are to be nipped in the bud.'
  14. 'They are only thinking about their own selfish interests.'
A stake or involvement in an undertaking, especially a financial one.
  1. 'he must have no personal interest in the outcome of the case'
  2. 'That will allow you or another family member to represent your parents' medical and financial interests.'
  3. 'Scrutiny of the helicopter company has also extended into a detailed examination of the financial interests of the Haughey family.'
  4. 'It could, perhaps more accurately, be described as a bailout of those US financial interests with investments in Mexican bonds.'
  5. 'Secondly, managers themselves often have personal financial interests and their careers at stake in mergers.'
  6. 'As the system gets less competitive, the monetary stakes for the interests involved get higher.'
  7. 'GPs will also be forced to disclose all financial interests and gifts from patients, under the new proposals.'
  8. 'This will force them to dilute current shareholders' interests due to the large amount of funds that have to be raised in order to finance the purchases.'
  9. 'Proffered concerns about underage drinking are thus merely a stalking horse for the financial interests at stake in these cases.'
  10. 'Apart from the strategic concerns and government revenue at stake, immense corporate interests are involved.'
  11. 'The company also has significant property interests and hotel investments.'
  12. 'There is obviously some factor at work which tends to reduce value in each case, probably substantial leasehold interests inferior to the freehold.'
  13. 'Has the supplier a taxable interest in the property and has he disposed of such an interest?'
  14. 'In both cases, the duty in tort serves to protect the bodily integrity and property interests of the inhabitants of the building.'
  15. 'The evidence of enjoyment of native title rights and interests was extremely limited.'
  16. 'It is another indication, with respect, that native title interests are still at large here.'
  17. 'Shelbourne Developments has significant property interests.'
  18. 'The Inspectors then discussed a sale of the Trustee's property interests to another co-owner.'
  19. 'You might remember the Queensland Act, purported to extinguish native title interests.'
  20. 'Under those circumstances I am of the view that I have no authority to deal with the property interests of the respondent.'
A group or organization having a common concern, especially in politics or business.
  1. 'Business interests think they know he's on their side, so they're inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt.'
  2. 'Organisations that lobby for business interests are themselves in a very competitive game.'
  3. 'Back in California, business interests were organizing a well-funded movement to derail Sinclair's campaign.'
  4. 'The Government, business interests and civic organisations need to collaborate in the effort.'
  5. 'However, the most common rumour making the rounds was that big business interests wanted the land which the mall occupied.'
  6. 'Local business and political interests have rallied to the defence of both Shannon Development and Shannon Airport this week.'
  7. 'But a powerful combination of Turkish and Russian politicians and business interests have pushed the project through.'
  8. 'And at least some of them emanate from right wing political lobbies funded by big business interests who want to avoid being sued for malpractice.'
  9. 'They are in fact the heart and soul of it - carrying out the philosophies of the politicians and business interests.'
  10. 'They had experienced for some time a strong current of editorial control being exercised by business and political interests.'


Excite the curiosity or attention of (someone)
  1. 'What really interests me is to compose music that can grip the listeners' imagination, as if they were seeing a film.'
  2. 'His book will interest anyone who wishes to probe beneath the surface of national identity.'
  3. 'What really interests me is the person who wrote it.'
  4. 'Yet it is the only part that still interests us today.'
  5. 'He has a very short attention span and unless something interests him he doesn't want to know.'
  6. 'But what interests me is the number of people who still are interested.'
  7. 'Even a three-year old can begin to browse through the shelves, looking for different kinds of books that may interest her.'
  8. 'It always interests me when people say it was a Southern strategy.'
  9. 'Once I get absorbed in something that interests me, the world around me disappears.'
  10. 'It's the exchanging of ideas and views that most interests me.'
  11. 'efforts were made to interest her in a purchase'

More definitions

1. the feeling of a person whose attention, concern, or curiosity is particularly engaged by something: She has a great interest in the poetry of Donne.

2. something that concerns, involves, draws the attention of, or arouses the curiosity of a person: His interests are philosophy and chess.

3. power of exciting such concern, involvement, etc.; quality of being interesting: political issues of great interest.

4. concern; importance: a matter of primary interest.

5. a busine

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"banks can be interest in countries."

"incomes can be interest."

"expenses can be interest."

"rates can be interest."

"payments can be interest."

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Late Middle English (originally as interess): from Anglo-Norman French interesse, from Latin interesse ‘differ, be important’, from inter- ‘between’ + esse ‘be’. The -t was added partly by association with Old French interest ‘damage, loss’, apparently from Latin interest ‘it is important’. The original sense was ‘the possession of a share in or a right to something’; hence interest (sense 4 of the noun). interest (sense 1 of the noun) and the verb arose in the 18th century interest (sense 2 of


at interest
declare an (or one's) interest
in the interests (or interest) of something
of interest
with interest