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Relating to more than one department.
  1. 'In Canada, the issue is being considered by an interdepartmental committee.'
  2. 'An interdepartmental committee was formed to bring in a legislative framework.'
  3. 'There was interdepartmental squabbling, interfaculty squabbling.'
  4. '‘We need a more cohesive approach and one interdepartmental body would achieve this,’ Ms Maddock stated.'
  5. 'The audit was done by an interdepartmental committee set up to help cushion the poor against rising food prices.'
  6. 'An interdepartmental government committee was also established by the power sharing regime as ministers try to resolve the deep rooted problems.'
  7. 'An interdepartmental committee set up in 1903 drew a shocking picture of the nation's children - malnourished, poorly housed, and deprived.'
  8. 'Parliament voted on September 10 to create an interdepartmental commission of inquiry to try to track down investments made in Bulgarian overseas companies.'
  9. 'The department has just published draft guidance from an interdepartmental group for consultation.'
  10. 'Of course, I immediately grabbed one and used it for all of my interdepartmental correspondence.'


1. involving or existing between two or more departments: interdepartmental rivalry.

More examples(as adjective)

"committees can be interdepartmental."

"groups can be interdepartmental."

"rivalries can be interdepartmental."

"commissions can be interdepartmental."

"reviews can be interdepartmental."

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