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Relating to more than one religious denomination.
  1. 'It will be unveiled during the interdenominational service on a new plinth and is the first permanent memorial to the dead.'
  2. 'It was also an interdenominational event and readers from both church communities narrated the passion story.'
  3. 'There was a large interdenominational gathering to participate in the hour-long service.'
  4. 'You may enjoy quiet time in the interdenominational chapel and view a waterfall through the window.'
  5. 'It was interdenominational, with a different minister travelling out from town each week, giving sermons alternately in English and Afrikaans.'
  6. 'The weekend begins in Castlecomer Church on Friday evening and finishes with an interdenominational service in St. Mary's Church on Sunday morning at 11 o'clock.'
  7. 'Eighteen churches throughout the Indonesian archipelago support this interdenominational Christian university.'
  8. 'Located in Salt Lake City, the seminary is an interdenominational school of biblical and theological studies.'
  9. 'The issue of getting an interdenominational church at Daisy Hill Hospital is one which is close to my heart.'
  10. 'This was followed by a packed interdenominational service in the church, led by the Reverend Simon Wilkinson, before wreaths were laid at the town's war memorial.'


1. occurring between, involving, or common to different religious denominations.

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"services can be interdenominational."

"organisations can be interdenominational."

"sing-alongs can be interdenominational."

"schools can be interdenominational."

"people can be interdenominational."

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