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Alternate (scenes or shots) with contrasting scenes or shots to make one composite scene in a film.
  1. no object 'the action intercuts between the time periods'
  2. 'Preacher Man intercuts scenes set inside the Preacher's unholy church with images of a cowboy on horseback.'
  3. 'The pain of losing love unites Yu with a young woman in the present day, as footage from one of Yu's silent, black-and-white films is intercut with scenes of a woman alone in her apartment.'
  4. 'Director Byrum attempted to misdirect the censors by intercutting the same scenes shot in color with those in black-and-white as they would appear in the final print.'
  5. 'Every nude scene is intercut with shots of a slobbering, googly-eyed principal and his equally expectant sidekick.'
  6. 'The same news director had an idea for a photo essay that would intercut shots of women in beauty salons and dogs at the groomer.'
  7. 'In this regard, it is no surprise that the narrative of Ben's sexual affair with Mrs. Robinson is intercut with scenes featuring him either lounging in or submerged in the waters of the pool.'
  8. 'His editing is edgy, often favoring jump cuts and non-chronological constructions of scenes, for example intercutting glimpses of a fight with the conversation that preceded it.'
  9. 'It's perhaps inevitable that her screen time would be intercut with film clips, but I still resented the distraction.'
  10. 'The play reflects that, intercutting scenes of one girl's pregnancy with the research of two 10-year-olds.'
  11. 'These scenes are intercut not only with the four short films that unfold within this structure but also with media coverage of them on TV and radio shows.'

More definitions

1. to cut from one type of shot to another, as from a long shot to a closeup. verb (used with object), intercut, intercutting.

2. to insert (shots from other scenes, flashbacks, etc.) into the narrative of a film.

3. to interrupt the narrative of (a film) with shots from other scenes, flashbacks, etc.Compare crosscut. noun

4. a film sequence or scene produced by intercutting.

More examples(as adjective)

"bits can be intercut."