Adjective "intercropped" definition and examples

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Grow (a crop) among plants of a different kind.
  1. 'Small bushy legumes were intercropped between the mango trees and cashews to fix nitrogen levels, add biomass and help keep the soil temperature down.'
  2. 'One of the vineyards has annual vegetables intercropped with grapevines.'
  3. 'He controls diseases and pests by intercropping the aloe vera with plants such as dates, amla, melons, millet, castor, mungbean, pigeon pea, vegetables and selected medicinal plants.'


A crop grown among plants of a different kind.
  1. 'Vertical polythene soil barriers have been similarly used for pearl millet and groundnut intercrops.'
  2. 'Sorghum and pigeon pea, for example, are grown as intercrops in drier parts of India.'
  3. 'The yield from the six-year-old garden was not much and the intercrops were the sole source of income for his family.'

More definitions

1. to grow one crop between the rows of another, as in an orchard or field. verb (used with object), intercropped, intercropping.

2. to grow a crop between the rows of. noun

3. a crop plant growing between plants of a different crop.

More examples(as adjective)

"spices can be intercropped."