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Situated between the ribs.
  1. 'There were 3 smaller satellite lesions occupying the left first, fifth, and eighth intercostal spaces.'
  2. 'The diaphragm electrode was inserted at the ventral end of the seventh or eighth intercostal space.'
  3. 'Referral to a subspecialist also may be considered for patients who have more generalized pain related to irritation of a thoracic or intercostal nerve root.'


A muscle situated between the ribs.
  1. 'Three days later, the diaphragm and parasternal intercostals contained numerous inflammatory cells and necrotic muscle fibers.'
  2. 'Since publication of this study, there has not been an adequate explanation of the role of the internal intercostals and the external intercostals during breathing.'
  3. 'The abdominal muscles contract and are resisted by the intercostals and diaphragm.'


1. pertaining to muscles, parts, or intervals between the ribs.

2. situated between the ribs.

3. Shipbuilding. noting a structural member situated between or divided by continuous members, as frames or keelsons. noun

4. an intercostal muscle, member, or space.

More examples(as adjective)

"spaces can be intercostal."

"joints can be intercostal."

"contractions can be intercostal."