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Relating to or travelling between continents.
  1. 'intercontinental ballistic missiles'
  2. 'The speed of travel favours intercontinental spread of disease.'
  3. 'It would have been hard to say otherwise of what is obviously an intercontinental epidemic.'
  4. 'If they had intercontinental ballistic missiles and hydrogen bombs, they'd use those.'
  5. 'Airline travel has now supplanted travel in ocean liners as the principal means of intercontinental travel, and the same three class structure has asserted itself.'
  6. 'It has 5,286 nuclear warheads and 2,922 intercontinental missiles.'
  7. 'Even the longest intercontinental flights are briefer than the incubation period of any human infectious disease.'
  8. 'In a fairly short time, it could have an intercontinental capability.'
  9. 'The world's fastest-growing intercontinental airline will initially launch three non-stop flights a week to the Seychelles.'
  10. 'On intercontinental flights that last as long as 20 hours, four pilots rotate with only one takeoff and one landing to hone their flying skills.'
  11. 'Well, it's interesting that the way space travel started was through intercontinental missiles and rockets and then we had the shuttle, which looked a bit more like a plane.'


1. between or among continents; involving two or more continents: intercontinental trade.

2. traveling or capable of traveling between continents: intercontinental airplanes.

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"hotels can be intercontinental."

"flights can be intercontinental."

"cups can be intercontinental."

"missiles can be intercontinental."

"routes can be intercontinental."

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