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Connect with each other.
  1. with object 'the lakes are interconnected by trails filled with joggers'
  2. 'Notably, they have to interconnect with networks and not mess with content.'
  3. 'It interconnects with a dining room at the back of the house.'
  4. 'Here you'll find another 40 km of trails, which interconnect with the downhill ski area.'
  5. 'The third reception area is a dining room interconnecting with the kitchen; this can also be entered from the rear hallway.'
  6. 'And so as they come closer you start to understand how they're interconnecting.'
  7. 'The utilities are required to allow independent power producers to interconnect with the grid, and the companies must purchase any resulting excess energy.'
  8. 'They interconnect with the castle architecture.'
  9. 'If the magnetic field in the solar wind is directed southward, it can interconnect with the Earth's northward-oriented magnetic field.'
  10. 'The two main reception rooms interconnect via double doors.'
  11. 'Two large rooms, originally a set of bedrooms, which interconnect through folding doors are off to the left.'


A device used to connect two things together.
  1. 'The most dramatic improvement was on phono cartridge connections and interchangeable mic capsule interconnects, two areas of superlow voltage exchange.'
  2. 'The interconnect also connects the nodes to I / O devices, including disk storage and network interfaces.'
  3. 'Using the map, the request from the processor is translated into a configuration cycle on the interconnect to access the device's configuration data space.'
  4. 'The factory will combine copper interconnects, silicon-on-insulator and low-k dielectric insulation on 300 mm wafers.'
  5. 'The technical drivers for sensor development come not only from materials science but from innovations in low-cost, large-scale manufacturing of interconnects, microelectronics, and micromachining.'
  6. 'Hard-wired interconnects are important from a competitive standpoint.'
  7. 'A copper interconnect is formed and electrically coupled to the integrated circuit component.'
  8. 'Part I focuses on the interconnects: copper connectors and cable, optical transceivers and a look forward to smaller form-factor modules.'
  9. 'This standard defines the rules for exchanging information between SCSI devices using a serial interconnect.'
  10. 'Better global bandwidth and latency are only available in custom interconnects with custom interfaces.'

More definitions

1. to connect with one another. verb (used without object)

2. to be or become connected or interrelated. adjective

3. Telecommunications. pertaining to customer-owned equipment that is connected to or has access to the public telephone network. pertaining to companies that supply equipment to customers: a leading interconnect company.

More examples(as adjective)

"interests can be interconnect."