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Existing or travelling between cities.
  1. 'Last week, bus fares in Jakarta rose by 25 to 40 percent and intercity transport costs will increase between 14 and 24 percent over the next six months.'
  2. 'The third measure involves developing other modes of intercity travel, including high-speed rail where metropolitan areas are relatively close together.'
  3. 'The prices of intercity and international conversations, however, will be cut down by 19 per cent and 14 per cent, respectively.'
  4. 'Conceptually, intercity travel breaks down into five phases.'
  5. 'For all this, it provides only 1 percent of all intercity passenger-miles traveled on commercial carriers.'
  6. 'City and intercity public transportation was halted following a strike by drivers on Thursday.'
  7. 'Mr Brennan also promised a greatly enhanced service along the 35 km stretch from Mallow to Cork city on the main Dublin-Cork intercity line.'
  8. 'There are 36 different rates of pay but Aslef wants that cut to four, covering the regions, intercity routes, freight and London and the South-East.'
  9. 'He admitted: " We have put a significant amount of capital investment concentrated on London, the south east and intercity routes.'
  10. 'Nobody denies the need to upgrade the existing system, but why are we having five intercity motorways?'
  11. 'In past the SRA has suggested that new rolling stock on the East Coast line should be introduced after it has been put on other intercity franchises.'
  12. 'The four lines would allow separation of the fast intercity and non-stopping commuter trains from the stopping services.'
  13. 'I had no idea what the penalties were for obstructing the passage of an intercity train, or for preventing the police from going about their duty.'
  14. 'With this order, all intercity trains over 30 years old will be removed from the fleet, and modern trains will operate all inter-city services.'
  15. 'A spokesman for Transport 2000, a campaigning group, said: ‘This is not good news for people who are using the railways other than those on the fast intercity routes.’'


1. a large or important town.

2. (in the U.S.) an incorporated municipality, usually governed by a mayor and a board of aldermen or councilmen.

3. the inhabitants of a city collectively: The entire city is mourning his death.

4. (in Canada) a municipality of high rank, usually based on population.

5. (in Great Britain) a borough, usually the seat of a bishop, upon which the dignity of the title has been conferred by the crown.

6. the City. the major metropolitan cen

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