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(of two or more people) exchange (things) with each other.
  1. 'They interchange positions so well and their players have forward movement all the time.'
  2. 'Furthermore, all of the rest of us could interchange pedals and feel fine on each other's pedals - just not on his.'
  3. 'Here I send you all some photographs from that battle and I hope someday we can interchange more experiences and information.'
  4. 'The term is often interchanged with others, like ‘contemporary decorative arts’ or ‘fine art objects.’'
  5. 'So the two expressions can be interchanged just like in the first law.'
  6. 'It is like I am interchanging them to fit my need.'
  7. 'What you did is called fulling, though the two terms are often interchanged.'
  8. 'We want distinctive literary voices, not ones that can be interchanged at will.'
  9. 'I imagine that the two can be interchanged to an extent.'
  10. 'Roles interchanged as the tie extended to the decider.'
  11. 'The natural lake water interchanges with the pool area water, keeping it clean.'
  12. 'It was a great learning position to see how Scotland worked - how politics interchanged with the Scottish Office and the local councils.'
  13. 'Units will interchange on the same receiver assembly provided the cartridges are from the same family.'


The action of interchanging people or things.
  1. count noun 'we have a significant interchange of staff with the nearby college'
  2. 'A fifth official has been needed this season to help check on substitutions, given that each team is now allowed up to 12 interchanges.'
  3. 'Most importantly, the exhibition nowhere asked whether such a vast cultural interchange transformed the basic economic roots of Chinese society.'
  4. 'The points looked safe following a nice interchange of passes between Taylor and Donaldson which culminated in the latter laying the ball into the path of the oncoming Jones whose low straight drive made it 4-1.'
  5. 'His style of working is informal, and one which encourages the free and open interchange of ideas.'
  6. 'To an increasing degree, the more significant interchanges of ideas and shaping of public consciousness occur in mass and electronic media.'
  7. 'He said the exchange program was a great way for both countries to learn from each other through the personal interchange of ideas and experiences.'
  8. 'Secondly, I am a great believer in the idea of interchange between different sectors, different types of business.'
  9. 'The interchange between members of our staff and congressional staff and members has been effective.'
  10. 'This group solidarity and interchange of ideas meant that critics sometimes had difficulty telling one member's work from another's.'
  11. 'Electronic data interchange lets suppliers and customers communicate directly electronically.'
  12. 'Unlike some other parts of Britain, these communities overlap, allowing meaningful interchanges, and helping fear, distrust and divisions to be contained.'
  13. 'It is also about a certain type of urban society, a society of exchanges and interchanges.'
  14. 'The social scientist analyzes the interchanges of the disputants from the standpoint that there is a correct position and an incorrect one.'
  15. 'Detachment seems I must say an odd emotion when I think of an interchange, a conversation, a collaboration, which is bound to bring differing points of view to bear.'
  16. 'Anyway, the upshot of all this is that I may have more time for blogging than I'd anticipated, but probably not for lengthy interchanges in the comments boxes.'
  17. 'A brief interchange of words resulted in the unanimous decision to escape as soon as possible.'
  18. 'But for the moment I just want to discuss an interchange which another of the members of the panel had with one of the questioners.'
  19. 'The whole project was sold with the goodwill of people based on these interchanges.'
  20. 'But the speed and frequency of these interchanges sacrifices the clarity of the monologue, which is a shame as Hotter's script, in the places where is was Ned alone, is impressive.'
  21. 'There are a number of reports and white papers provided by various sponsors, and I hope that in the upcoming weeks and months we will develop a lively interchange between the members of the Forum.'
    A road junction designed on several levels so that traffic streams do not intersect.
    1. 'The AA warned of heavy traffic on the anti-clockwise M60 between Prestwich and the Worsley interchange as drivers approached Junction 12, where the M602 was closed.'
    2. 'Which traffic engineering firm or engineers have completed their research and found that the interchange will reduce the traffic jams in and out of the capital?'
    3. 'This might be the first interchange in the world with traffic lights.'
    4. '‘Equally, modification of the interchanges will improve traffic flows,’ he said.'
    5. 'Traffic between the Coolock interchange and Whitehall, which is down to one lane in each direction for 1.5km, added delays of 15 minutes to journeys.'
    6. 'The entire expressway will be put into use in April, with four layers of motorway interchanges at its cross with the outer-ring road, and six lanes of traffic.'
    7. 'Its attractive maze of underground tunnels affords pedestrians safe passage under one of the most ruthless traffic interchanges in Europe.'
    8. 'It's not surprising, then, that the Highway Users Alliance sees the solution to America's congestion problem as building more roads, especially interstate interchanges.'
    9. 'Upgrading an urban divided highway and its interchanges built nearly 40 years ago when traffic speeds and volumes were much lower is a challenge.'
    10. 'The schemes include the Monasterevin bypass on the N7, the Waterford bypass and the Kinsale road interchanges.'
    A station where passengers may change from one railway line, bus service, etc. to another.
    1. 'Our officers are talking with the Greater Manchester Passenger Transport Authority about redesigning the interchange.'
    2. 'The Wensleydale Railway company will restore the disused Leeming Bar station as a transport interchange if Hambleton Council approves the scheme this week.'
    3. 'In Singapore, the usual timetable and the predicted arrival information are to be displayed at bus stops and interchanges by using variable message panels.'
    4. 'There are plans to build a single interchange here, linking also to Chiltern Railways trains.'
    5. 'The interchange will include a bus and coach station, an 80,000 sq ft office block, an integrated ticket and information desk, along with shops and catering outlets.'
    6. 'They were considering extending the shopping centre into the existing bus station - the site of the planned interchange.'
    7. 'Bedale lies just over two miles to the west of the Wensleydale Railway's transport interchange beside the A1 at Leeming Bar.'
    8. 'The bill for changing the design of the transport interchange in 1999 would have been high and they have been got rid of these buses in a very short time.'
    9. 'Work has begun on a new interchange just north of Greenhithe station to integrate with the Fastrack bus system and the construction of a new station is expected to begin next spring.'
    10. 'However, council leaders believe the interchange will transform Doncaster.'

    More definitions

    1. to put each in the place of the other: to interchange pieces of modular furniture.

    2. to cause (one thing) to change places with another; transpose.

    3. to give and receive (things) reciprocally; exchange: The twins interchanged clothes frequently.

    4. to cause to follow one another alternately; alternate: to interchange business cares with pleasures. verb (used without object), interchanged, interchanging.

    5. to occur by turns

    More examples(as adjective)

    "valves can be interchanged with people."

    "scales can be interchanged in solos."

    "valves can be interchanged."

    "scales can be interchanged."


    (interchange)Late Middle English: from Old French entrechangier, from entre- ‘between’ + changier ‘to change’.