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The action or fact of preventing someone or something from continuing to a destination.
  1. 'There is now a touch of elegance and effectiveness in his interceptions and tackling.'
  2. 'A number of finely timed interceptions and tackles.'
  3. 'Modelling canopy light interception and photosynthesis can be tackled at a very detailed level.'
  4. 'Always known as a fearless tackler, he has improved his pass defense (nine interceptions the past two seasons).'
  5. 'He had 119 tackles, two interceptions and eight passes defensed in 2002.'
  6. 'But he never has been special enough, not with career figures of 90 touchdown passes and 114 interceptions.'
  7. 'In June, Racine pleaded guilty to wire fraud and ‘unlawful interception of an electronic communication’ offences.'
  8. 'I took up the Privacy Commissioner's suggestion that we have a person to audit electronic interceptions, as they do in Australia in the person of the federal ombudsman.'
  9. 'There was thus no interception of an electrical impulse or signal passing through the public telecommunication system.'
  10. 'It is very hard to know when electronic interceptions are taking place, under the reporting procedures provided in the bill.'
  11. 'No one doubts that by having greater surveillance, be it electronic interception, cameras in the streets, or whatever else it is, we could catch more criminals.'
  12. 'Another side effect of badly designed systems is the interception of emails that the intended recipient would want to receive.'
  13. 'The Wiretap Act offers very strong protection against the real-time interception of telephone or Internet communications.'
  14. 'There are a lot of problems in controlling the agencies that undertake electronic interceptions.'
  15. 'The proliferation of radio communications created busier air waves and this in turn meant signals that were vulnerable to direction finding, electronic counter measures, interception and decryption.'
  16. 'It criminalized cell phone monitoring, interception of digital signals and digital pagers, and listening to certain other specific services.'

More definitions

1. a person or thing that intercepts.

2. Military. a fighter aircraft with fast-reaction capabilities, used to identify and, if appropriate, engage other aircraft in combat.

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"missiles can be intercepter."