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Place (a corpse) in a grave or tomb, typically with funeral rites.
  1. 'John's remains were interred on Sunday, July 21st and Kathleen was laid to rest the following day.'
  2. 'After the funeral, Cpt Guy's body was interred in Skipton cemetery at a private ceremony.'
  3. 'His friends broke several laws by transporting Abbey's corpse without a permit, interring him illegally on federal land, and forging a death certificate.'
  4. 'He said thereafter that Alban departed on the day Estelle was interred in the earth.'
  5. 'He was interred in the adjoining cemetery following requiem mass.'
  6. 'He will be interred next to his beloved wife in the cathedral's crypt.'
  7. 'Her remains were interred in the family burial ground in Calvary Cemetery.'
  8. 'Mrs. Conlan's remains were interred in Barrettstown cemetery on Friday morning.'
  9. 'Could they have religious reasons for not interring the bodies of their dead?'
  10. 'He asked to be buried there, and although he was initially interred in Spain after his death in 1506, his body was later moved to the island.'

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1. to place (a dead body) in a grave or tomb; bury.

2. Obsolete. to put into the earth.

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"goalkeepers can be inter in leads."

"alias can be inter."

"deposits can be inter."

"presidents can be inter."

"coaches can be inter."

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Middle English: from Old French enterrer, based on Latin in- ‘into’ + terra ‘earth’.