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Impossible to believe.
  1. 'But it is the way he frames that opposing suggestion which is utterly incredible.'
  2. 'So incredible did this appear, that we could hardly believe our eyes when we saw it.'
Difficult to believe; extraordinary.
  1. 'They're ordinary people under extraordinary circumstances, taking on incredible odds.'
  2. 'His portraits are incredible feats of mastery and the hardest of his constant commissions.'
  3. 'Probably over the last four seasons they have been stronger, so to do what we did last year was an incredible feat.'
  4. 'He had an incredible run of terrific stories and we intend to keep the momentum.'
  5. 'The story of the Unknown Warrior is one of extraordinary bravery and incredible sacrifice.'
  6. 'The information I have received is so incredible that I have difficulty believing it.'
  7. 'The crowd goes crazy the whole night, and the atmosphere is amazing - it's incredible what a change of venue can do.'
  8. 'My son sleeps in the room at the front and the heat in there was absolutely incredible - it was the most terrifying moment of my life.'
  9. 'It's incredible to believe that one as wealthy as he could ever have fallen so far.'
  10. 'Singh shows incredible control and discretion in the handling of this difficult material.'
  11. 'I was mesmerized: she looked so incredible'
  12. 'During the return flight, he said there was an incredible sensation of speed.'
  13. 'It's a fabulous place to live - incredible weather, great people, brilliant nightlife.'
  14. 'He was an excellent speaker with an incredible medical background.'
  15. 'Fuchs uses incredible speed and excellent defensive skills to pass many serves and dig a lot of attacks.'
  16. 'The Host Town Programme is wonderful and the efforts of all involved have been incredible.'
  17. 'I would never have thought I could climb such formidable mountains, so it was an incredible thrill to be able to do it.'
  18. 'My fabulous, incredible brother from another mother has a stunningly beautiful wife.'
  19. 'The monk starts telling a story about a man who has an incredible experience with magic and love.'
  20. 'It's a wonderful idea to do this incredible and strange show around such pictures.'
  21. 'Food: hot dogs and burgers, crêpes, wonderful fruit and antipasti, incredible cheeses.'


1. so extraordinary as to seem impossible: incredible speed.

2. not credible; hard to believe; unbelievable: The plot of the book is incredible.

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"people can be incredible in/at/on tonights."

"people can be incredible in doubles."

"mythses can be incredible in extremes."

"lacks can be incredible at analysts."

"islands can be incredible in/at/on miles."

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Late Middle English: from Latin incredibilis, from in- ‘not’ + credibilis (see credible).