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Insert or fix (tissue or an artificial object) in a person's body, especially by surgery.
  1. 'The monitor is implanted in the chest and records the heart's rhythm.'
  2. 'Surgeons implanted the device until a donor organ could be found.'
  3. 'Currently, about 250,000 electronic pacemakers are implanted in patients annually in the United States.'
  4. 'In addition, pellets containing the male hormone testosterone were implanted in the abdomen.'
  5. 'Someday soon, money may even exist on a chip implanted under your skin.'
  6. 'The chips are implanted into cattle so farmers can determine which cattle are theirs.'
  7. 'But he warns there will be legal problems if we eventually try to have the devices surgically implanted.'
  8. 'They're generated by a device implanted in the chest, with wires running up the neck.'
  9. 'He is the only Oregon surgeon now implanting the disc and will train other surgeons on the procedure.'
  10. 'rats were implanted with amphetamine pellets'
  11. 'They in turn catch him and implant him with an electronic control to prevent him from acting against them.'
  12. 'Many people will want to take advantage of your system and implant it with various programs so that they can benefit.'
  13. 'They came by on March 29th to give Lenny his final shots and also to implant him with a microchip.'
  14. 'It is typical for the owner of a slave to implant him with a device that would kill him if an escape attempt was made.'
  15. 'Only a few visits to your doctor will be enough to implant you with chameleon genes and you've got thought controlled cosmetics.'
  16. 'Sorry, but I don't believe that the government is going to implant me with some sort of chip that they can shut off at will.'
  17. 'some days later the fertilized egg implants into the lining of the uterus'
  18. 'If the sow has not eaten enough to sustain herself over the hibernation, the egg will not implant.'
  19. 'When Liu introduced an embryo to the artificial uterine lining, it successfully implanted.'
  20. 'In nature, not all of these successfully implant and are carried to term.'
  21. 'This stops any eggs that are fertilised from successfully implanting on to the wall of the womb.'
  22. 'The short, yet strong burst of hormones provided by the pills interferes with the hormone pattern necessary for a pregnancy to occur by preventing an egg from implanting in the uterus.'
  23. 'This is when the fertilized egg implants outside the uterus, most often in the fallopian tube.'
  24. 'One in 80 pregnancies is ectopic, when the fertilized egg implants outside the cavity of the womb.'
  25. 'All three of these birth control methods clearly prevent fertilised embryos from implanting in the uterus (thus terminating a pregnancy).'
  26. 'It can block the surge of hormones that cause of ovulation and it can also thicken the mucous and change the uterine lining which makes it inhospitable for a fertilized egg to implant.'
  27. 'Between five and seven days after ovulation, the fertilised egg implants into the wall of the uterus and produces root-like outgrowths called villi.'
  28. 'The concept of corporate culture is firmly implanted in the lexicon of management.'
  29. 'Growing student populations were used to implant a sentiment of urgency.'
  30. 'With a thought, Jerry could implant a suggestion into other people's minds.'
  31. 'I inhaled his cologne, and tried to implant in my mind what it felt like to hold him.'
  32. 'The earlier events in the day had probably implanted wrong ideas in his head.'
  33. 'Riding my bike would clear my mind of all the impure thoughts implanted by corporate America and unleash unbridled creativity.'
  34. 'He implanted thoughts and memories that made you doubt each other.'
  35. 'They all laughed at Eddy's face implanted in their minds.'
  36. 'A suggestion is implanted while people are in an ‘Alpha state’ to give more hours, work harder, and forgive transgressions such as no bonuses.'
  37. 'The idea being implanted in the voter's brain is simple.'


A thing implanted in something else, especially a piece of tissue, prosthetic device, or other object implanted in the body.
  1. 'She will need false teeth in her teens and will eventually need dental implants.'
  2. 'Static electricity can damage the components of an auditory brainstem implant.'
  3. 'Such applications include bone screws and pins, hip implants, cardiopulmonary devices, and spine cages.'
  4. 'Documents released to the public on Wednesday indicate about 93 percent of silicone breast implants rupture within 10 years.'
  5. 'For those who do receive a cochlear implant, benefits can vary.'
  6. 'I wouldn't be surprised if Lee has had cybernetic implants.'
  7. 'There is no way to enter or insert an implant without creating a scar.'
  8. 'He is profoundly deaf and uses hearing aids until he can have a cochlea implant later this year.'
  9. 'Patients undergoing breast augmentation procedures currently must receive saline implants.'
  10. 'People with profound hearing impairment may benefit from a cochlea implant.'

More definitions

1. to put or fix firmly: to implant sound principles in a child's mind.

2. to plant securely.

3. Medicine/Medical. to insert or graft (a tissue, organ, or inert substance) into the body. noun

4. Medicine/Medical. any device or material, especially of an inert substance, used for repairing or replacing part of the body. medication or radioactive material inserted into tissue for sustained therapy. implantation (def 1).

5. Dentistry. an artificial tooth that h

More examples(as adjective)

"sites can be implant."

"contraceptives can be implant."


Late Middle English: from late Latin implantare ‘engraft’, from Latin in- ‘into’ + plantare ‘to plant’.