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Relating to an empire.
  1. 'Provided that the barbarians remained amenable, any of these arrangements might suit the gentry better than direct imperial rule.'
  2. 'In my opinion, to demand and accept an election under the protection of an occupying imperial army could only lead to further collaboration.'
  3. 'By 1900 it had slipped to fourth place, overtaken by its imperial and European rivals, Britain and Germany.'
  4. 'The process was comparable to the way Byzantine imperial power dismantled Roman lineage rights.'
  5. 'But he never explains that imperial take-off followed the creation of the United Kingdom state.'
  6. 'The Russian imperial throne was the first monarchical casualty of the most catastrophic conflict to date in European history, the First World War.'
  7. 'Will we, or our imperial president, choose empire or will we re-discover ourselves and return to the historic principles of non-intervention?'
  8. 'Spain also had great imperial ambitions from the sixteenth century but a limited supply of suitable forest.'
  9. 'Is it just a matter of making amends for the damage we did earlier as imperial powers?'
  10. 'In the Roman imperial period, even emperors practised the arts of painting and sculpture.'
  11. 'the imperial family'
  12. 'She married into the imperial family by wedding Crown Prince Naruhito, next in line for Japan's Chrysanthemum Throne.'
  13. 'You have access to the imperial palace and the Emperor's chambers.'
  14. 'After the establishment of the imperial court under the Emperor Charles IV in Prague in the 14th century, the city became an important centre for the arts.'
  15. 'It is the only quarter of the imperial family's home open to the public and offers a little idyll in the chaos and concrete of Tokyo.'
  16. 'In this 21st century society, with its diverse male and female lifestyles, the imperial family can no longer function as a model, let alone a symbol of national unity.'
  17. 'Guests included members of the imperial family, diplomats, business leaders and society.'
  18. 'He soon moved against the imperial family, executing first the emperor's mother, Maria, and then young Alexius himself in November.'
  19. 'So it is pleasantly ironic that the dearth of male births in the imperial family looks set to force a change in the succession law to allow the first empress since 1771.'
  20. 'The birth of the prince imperial was a difficult one and no further children were conceived.'
  21. 'Sometimes, actors perform for travellers, enacting scenes from the Manchu imperial family's traditional ceremonies.'
  22. 'The bedroom reflects Dalí's most extravagant tendencies, as illustrated by the imposing imperial style of the beds.'
  23. 'the party and its autocratic—many would say imperial—ways'
  24. 'I faced the dark form beside me and used my best imperial voice.'
Relating to or denoting the system of non-metric weights and measures (the ounce, pound, stone, inch, foot, yard, mile, acre, pint, gallon, etc.) formerly used for all measures in the UK, and still used for some.
  1. 'He has won four world titles and holds the world record over the 1,500 and its imperial equivalent, the mile.'
  2. 'The men had all been involved in court cases after refusing to post the weights of their produce in metric as well as imperial measurements.'
  3. 'The Metric Martyr Defence Fund added that any political party that supported moves to abolish the imperial system ‘would get a pounding’.'
  4. 'How much honey, in imperial pounds, will we get?'
  5. 'Many weight standards appear to have been used well into Medieval times, but the new find suggests an imperial ounce was adopted in the English world, away from the Viking Danelaw of eastern England.'
  6. 'I didn't convert the reference to metric because it loses its impact and anyway, I'm old enough to be still working in imperial weights and measures.'
  7. 'Mind you, we are staunchly imperial on volume: pints of beer, gallons of petrol, and who the heck knows what a hectolitre is?'
  8. 'Stone is an arcane imperial measurement that has somehow weathered the tests of time in Ireland and the UK, especially in regard to the weight of people.'
  9. 'Yet traders can be fined for selling goods in imperial weights.'
  10. 'Within each heading both imperial and metric units are defined.'
(of a size of paper, in the UK) measuring 762 × 559 mm (30 × 22 inches).
  1. 'The paper size is imperial folio, that's almost as big as today's standard A2 page, which is equal to four standard A4 sheets.'


A small pointed beard growing below the lower lip (associated with Napoleon III of France).


    1. of, like, or pertaining to an empire.

    2. of, like, or pertaining to an emperor or empress.

    3. characterizing the rule or authority of a sovereign state over its dependencies.

    4. of the nature or rank of an emperor or supreme ruler.

    5. of a commanding quality, manner, aspect, etc.

    6. domineering; imperious.

    7. befitting an emperor or empress; regal; majestic; very fine or grand; magnificent.

    8. of special or superior size or quality, as various products and commodities. 9.

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    "oils can be imperial."

    "banks can be imperial."

    "industries can be imperial."

    "tobaccos can be imperial."

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    (imperial)Late Middle English: via Old French from Latin imperialis, from imperium ‘command, authority, empire’; related to imperare ‘to command’. Compare with emperor, empire, also with imperious.