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Not feeling shame or regret about one's actions or attitudes.
  1. '‘Everything is blessing to the elect,’ he stated, ‘but nothing is blessing to the impenitent unbeliever outside Christ.’'
  2. 'Will you die in your sins and go to hell like the impenitent robber?'
  3. 'But apparently the real purpose of the Mass is to provide a setting in which we feel comfortable with our impenitent persistence in grave sin.'
  4. 'The Lords and Commons repent, but the clergy remain impenitent, are exposed, and the malefactors brought to the scaffold.'
  5. 'Michelle, her actor daughter, is impenitent in unloading the truth about her high society mother who denies her Quebecois roots.'
  6. 'But six years later he was arrested again, this time under charges of impenitent heresy, and was burnt at the stake in 1596, at the age of thirty.'
  7. 'If he does not confess he is at a loss, then he is an impenitent who will not admit his sins.'
  8. 'The impenitent and unbelieving will be ‘outside’ for ever.'


1. not feeling regret about one's sin or sins; obdurate.

More examples(as adjective)

"elitists can be impenitent."


Late Middle English: from ecclesiastical Latin impaenitent- ‘not repenting’, from Latin in- ‘not’ + paenitere ‘repent’.