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Confer enduring fame upon.
  1. 'Politics aside, it was a great sports victory under very adverse conditions and deserves to be immortalized in film.'
  2. 'In February 1997 a small group of Scottish scientists were forever immortalized in genetic advancement history.'
  3. 'If I were a scientist, I wouldn't at all mind being immortalized in this fashion.'
  4. 'But who among us is great enough to be immortalized in postage-stamp form?'
  5. 'In 2002, something I wrote was immortalized in a way I had never previously imagined.'
  6. 'Switch it on, hit the hill, and presto, your walking distance and intensity are immortalized in the log.'
  7. 'Ducks have since been immortalized in various pleasing cartoon forms, although usually missing critical articles of clothing.'
  8. 'The assassination of the French revolutionary Marat while in prison was immortalized in J.L. David's famous painting.'
  9. 'Cells have been immortalized in the laboratory, but no one knows if the process can be translated to animals.'
  10. 'Now his image is immortalized in one artist's version of a field study.'

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1. to bestow unending fame upon; perpetuate.

2. to make immortal; endow with immortality.

More examples(as adjective)

"courages can be immortalised in poems."

"whos can be immortalised."

"prime ministers can be immortalised."

"courages can be immortalised."

"coastlines can be immortalised."

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