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Extremely large or great, especially in scale or degree.
  1. 'a factor of immense importance'
  2. 'No matter how carefully guided these weapons may be, the loss of civilian life will be immense.'
  3. 'All I see is a flash of blue scales, then an immense, burning pain on my right cheek.'
  4. 'It's cold and dark here in my little rowing boat and the waters are murky and beset with immense danger.'
  5. 'The change is small, just one word, but the implied change in attitude and status is immense.'
  6. 'I think the first lesson I would learn out of that is that the inertia involved in that is immense.'
  7. 'Those trade union leaders should be calling action like Thursday's on an immense scale.'
  8. 'His learning was as vast as was his obstinacy immense in the matter of accepting change.'
  9. 'I was told the hard disk was so immense that I would never need to buy another computer ever again.'
  10. 'He added that it had been an experience and an immense honour to serve on the council.'
  11. 'And, of course, it kept catching the wind so it was like trying to move an immense kite!'


1. vast; huge; very great: an immense territory.

2. immeasurable; boundless.

3. Informal. splendid: You did an immense job getting the project started.

More examples(as adjective)

"rewards can be immense in/at/on degrees."

"ranges can be immense with products."

"problems can be immense in proposals."

"potentials can be immense in sectors."

"potentials can be immense in lives."

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Late Middle English: via French from Latin immensus ‘immeasurable’, from in- ‘not’ + mensus ‘measured’ (past participle of metiri).