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Not fully developed.
  1. 'Among immature males, those obtained from the wild also clustered together.'
  2. 'The mottled brown raptors I saw on the sixth are indeed immature Brahminy Kites.'
  3. 'I discovered three of them eating the immature fruits in the tree's spreading crown.'
  4. 'Drugs that are effective against the immature and early immature stages should be used at this time of the year.'
  5. 'Seeds were harvested at 40 days after flowering and immature seeds were removed.'
  6. 'The olives, having done pretty well last year, have shed all their immature fruit.'
  7. 'The ovule is an immature seed, which does not yet contain a viable embryo.'
  8. 'For example, experiments conducted with tomato indicate that immature fruits do not ripen in response to exogenous ethylene.'
  9. 'They hunt for food at night, live alone and are sometimes found in small groups of adults with immature offspring.'
  10. 'Sexually immature and drab colored juveniles represent the first phase.'
  11. 'his immature sense of humour'
  12. 'When I read back over this opinion I realise how immature I was then.'
  13. 'If you think finance dictates social dynamics then you are immature and naive.'
  14. 'No matter how mature or immature I was at any given point, it would not have shaken that belief.'
  15. 'Then again I did ask for it I called someone an emotionally immature moron.'
  16. 'Callie knew she was acting a little immature, but she didn't care.'
  17. 'She had her immature, childish moments, but there were times when she acted twice her age.'
  18. 'Pardon me for saying this, but people who talk like that strike me as horribly immature.'
  19. 'He's still a bit immature, but also just 20 years old.'
  20. 'Some lecturers say the students are immature, unsophisticated and do not know what they want in class.'
  21. 'Going out with someone is a big deal and I find that a bit immature.'


1. not mature, ripe, developed, perfected, etc.

2. emotionally undeveloped; juvenile; childish.

3. Physical Geography. youthful (def 5).

4. Archaic. premature.

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"people can be immature in battles."

"people can be immature at ages."

"insurances can be immature as sectors."

"bases can be immature for generations."

"people can be immature."

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Mid 16th century (in the sense ‘premature’, referring to death): from Latin immaturus ‘untimely, unripe’, from in- ‘not’ + maturus ‘ripe’ (see mature).