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A representation of the external form of a person or thing in art.
  1. 'To those who know his work, he is a genius - a sculptor who creates life-like images of outback symbols.'
  2. 'The images seem minimalist, using few lines to represent detailed images and also exclude deep shading.'
  3. 'Like the sculpture, the images represent a very naive viewpoint in the art world.'
  4. 'Kathleen, a silversmith, has used silver and other metals to create everything from vases to 2D images and sculpture.'
  5. 'The ‘Groundview’ series of paintings uses different images to represent the ground as space.'
  6. 'There were sketches and paintings and collages and images of the tsunami disaster.'
  7. 'He recalls being awestruck by these images, especially the paintings of St. Mary and St. George.'
  8. 'I had to hack off some heads, turn the images into formal, sculpturesque forms, which was not my intent.'
  9. 'Her images represent the transformations of the country and its people.'
  10. 'Viewed from a contemporary design vantage point, the images represent an interesting study in contrasts.'
  11. 'Voyager 2 sent back images of the planet Neptune'
  12. 'The camera then projects your image directly onto the screen and senses your movement.'
  13. 'This image came to represent the essence of love and romance for at least one generation, many years after it was photographed.'
  14. 'As search engines expand into images and video, they are increasingly at risk of becoming targets of copyright lawsuits.'
  15. 'It also has an extra facility to make slide shows more dynamic, by allowing you to move images around the screen.'
  16. 'Creators of fake images usually ignore the known physical properties of creating an image with a camera.'
  17. 'There are also controls for loading images from camera or computer.'
  18. 'The scope is then attached to a camera, allowing the doctor to see a clear image on a video screen.'
  19. 'The camera then relayed the images to a lap-top computer so firefighters knew exactly where to cut into the side of the chimney downstairs.'
  20. 'You might want to use an image from your favorite screen saver in another program.'
  21. 'There's software included to take video clips or still images with your camera and send them via email.'
  22. 'Refractive errors mean that the shape of the eye doesn't refract, or bend, light properly, so images appear blurred.'
  23. 'Cheap mirrors reflect distorted amusement-park images of fighters who shadow-box before them.'
  24. 'As the steam in the bathroom began to vent, the mirror cleared and his image appeared before him.'
  25. 'When the temperature difference is large enough, the warmer air refracts the light and amazing images can be seen.'
  26. 'These eyes use a single lens to focus images onto a light detector called a retina.'
  27. 'He had painted himself from his image reflected in a mirror, which reversed right and left.'
  28. 'Cracked mirrors reflected disturbing distorted images of the room.'
  29. 'Essentially one sees an image of the light sources reflected on the pupil.'
  30. 'Water and glass are opaque, they refract, diffuse, obscure, and reflect images.'
  31. 'I was in for another surprise when I saw familiar images reflected in the mirror.'
  32. 'Consider a triangle and its homothetic image in the Lemoine point of the triangle.'
  33. 'In his doctoral dissertation of 1934 he considered permutation groups whose elements are determined by the images of three points.'
  34. 'For one thing, there will be two versions: the Internet download version, and the CD version (which we want to also be downloadable as a CD image).'
  35. 'Here, the program re-created a 490MB hard drive image in the foreground while we converted ten WAV files into MP3s in the background.'
  36. 'I had a sudden image of Sal bringing me breakfast in bed'
  37. 'His mental image is not a representation of a tree.'
  38. 'She immediately stopped smoking; the image of those nasty lungs was burned into her brain forever.'
  39. 'The brain requires practice at forming those mental images in order to absorb increasingly complex or abstract ideas in later life.'
  40. 'The poem has been quite cathartic because I have had all those ideas for the images in my head for years.'
  41. 'Any image or idea we have of God is certainly inadequate, probably inaccurate, and possibly misleading.'
  42. 'he's the image of his father'
  43. 'Unfortunately, following the old adage that mothers raise their sons in the image of the men they wish they had married, our mums refuse to give up on us.'
  44. 'In the 1980s the two institutions launched a crusade to remake the world in the image of the free market.'
  45. 'Part of the uniqueness of humanity, beings created in the image of God, is our instinct to seek and to enjoy the pleasures of seeking.'
  46. 'We've been negligent in our examination of what it means to be re-created in the image of Christ.'
  47. 'The gilded silver pinhead, styled in the image of a bird of prey, is one of a handful of examples discovered in Britain and will go on display in London.'
  48. 'We're made in the image of the Maker and itch to find some way to create.'
  49. 'We are reconfiguring the past in the image of our times.'
  50. 'We can indeed see this suggested in the biblical statement about human beings made in the image of God.'
  51. 'Songs built in the image of the seven-inch pop song, their length still dictated by the old format, continue to be at the centre of the pop world.'
  52. 'They say that this has not just begun to happen: actually it was the dead who built the upper Eusapia, in the image of their city.'
  53. 'I also don't know of any religion that has no idol or image of its God.'
  54. 'While the church saw the importance of art as a method of instruction, it also faced a biblical injunction against images.'
  55. 'If an image is automatically an idol, why did God tell Israel to have graven images of cherubim on the Ark of the Covenant?'
  56. 'They are the enemy, and it is the nature of the enemy to show you false images and idols.'
The general impression that a person, organization, or product presents to the public.
  1. 'It said it ‘tarnished the image of the university’ and was ‘devastated’ by the claims.'
  2. 'These commercials often incorporate the image of pop and movie stars to give their houses the proper sense of glamour and affluence.'
  3. 'Within the past five years, a revolution in the image of dieting has taken place.'
  4. 'The leaders of the opposition used the October 24 general strike as a platform to improve their public image.'
  5. 'But local politicians believe the arrival of the travellers tainted the image of the medieval attraction.'
  6. 'He's already starting out with the image of being a liberal from Massachusetts, and all of that type of baggage.'
  7. 'If the players think they are enhancing the image of the game by binge drinking, or worse, then the game will always tetter on the edge of disaster.'
  8. 'This year the Tidy Towns Committee would like to see a greater effort being made amongst the local community to enchant the image of the town.'
  9. 'The market tends to be suspicious of sudden attempts to change the nature of the product or the image of the organisation.'
  10. 'Coupled with a desire for change in the image of the police is one for improved relations with the public.'
A simile or metaphor.
  1. 'Metaphorical images are so effective due to the social and natural contexts in which we acquire or learn their meanings.'
  2. 'In other words, for all the images and metaphors music often presents us with, an album cover is its tangible embodiment.'
  3. 'From the body of work represented by the book as a whole, the figure of a small boy emerges as an image of the struggle to speak.'
  4. 'I asked him how these Christian images arose in what was, after all, secular writing for a general audience.'
  5. 'When Jesus describes himself as shepherd-esque, he echoes the images of Ezekiel 34.'
  6. 'In Hosea, the sexual images are equally clear and far less strident.'
  7. 'And of course, garden images in the parables struck a chord with an ancient community so dependent on the harvest to survive.'
  8. 'Numerous New Testament images echo the belonging and counting of everyone.'
  9. 'In this way he used the image of ghetto as a metaphor for Jewish social and moral conditions.'
  10. 'In line two Valery repeats sounds that echo those of previous stanzas and words that recall earlier images.'


Make a representation of the external form of.
  1. 'If the picture burns, it is not Charles VII as imaged that burns but simply the material object that serves as an analagon for the manifestation of the imagined object.'
  2. 'The female body imaged in the film is not abstract, generalised or idealised.'
  3. 'medical imaging'
  4. 'Internal textures were imaged using backscattered electrons and cathodoluminescence.'
  5. 'E-mail and medical imaging applications represent good examples for the data aging profile described here.'
  6. 'He will engage in meditation while having his brain scanned by state-of-the-art brain imaging devices.'
  7. 'The acoustic imaging sensors help detect mines and other potentially hazardous objects.'
  8. 'This printer really changed my outlook on what is possible with digital imaging these days.'
  9. 'One objective of the early sky scan was to image the morning clouds with the PanCam.'
  10. 'After all, your doctor is making decisions about your treatment based on imaging hardware today.'
  11. 'This shaped beam profile is imaged through the telescope system onto the back focal plane of the microscope objective.'
  12. 'No exoplanets have been imaged directly, so astronomers are working out their sizes and dynamics by their effect on their parent stars.'
  13. 'In some cases, the blood vessels of the heart, brain, lungs and legs can be imaged without invasive procedures.'
  14. 'Being unable to image those files means that the product cannot work in the Windows environment.'
  15. 'The advanced technology in leading-edge imaging products is not how they create a partition, but rather, how they image the disk.'
  16. 'They can even image your computers at night, to avoid inevitable discussions by the water cooler.'
  17. 'The brioche bread used 6 eggs and 300 gm of butter so you can image the rich yellow colour it turned out.'
  18. 'In fact, when I was in prison I taught a class on how to stop smoking and we had people imaging themselves smoke free, you know.'
  19. 'It would be difficult to image many of the young clubbers there settling into two nights of the Eurovision.'
  20. 'In short, you can definitely image Peter the Great living there in the summer.'
  21. 'The consortium has been drowned by this tide of excess wage costs and it is hard to image anything it could have structurally altered to change this.'
  22. 'For these people one can image how this experience could quickly become the true pillar of their faith.'
  23. 'I would sometimes image what it would be like to go fishing with my father, or be cooking dinner with my mother.'
  24. 'I would image he's been under difficult conditions over the last 8 months.'
  25. 'Many people image that the era of the Open Range in the American West was the era of the small rancher.'

More definitions

1. Psychology. a technique in which one uses mental images to control bodily processes and thus ease pain or to succeed in some endeavor that one has visualized in advance.

2. Medicine/Medical. the use of computerized axial tomography, sonography, or other specialized techniques and instruments to obtain pictures of the interior of the body, especially those including soft tissues.

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Middle English: from Old French, from Latin imago; related to imitate.