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Serving as an example or explanation.
  1. 'And your view of this war is illustrative of who you really are.'
  2. 'And the process is illustrative of how organized they are, what kind of things they value, how careful they are.'
  3. 'This is illustrative of the absence of an integrated multi-modal public transport plan.'
  4. 'The following is illustrative of the comments made by several participants.'
  5. 'The experience of a friend, a professor at a Malaysian university, is illustrative of this climate.'
  6. 'The recent Republican and Democratic party conventions were illustrative of big money's presence in the major parties.'
  7. 'They're seen as too important to ditch - and that's illustrative of the way universities view their students.'
  8. 'This approach can still be seen in the work of those who use artifactual evidence as primarily illustrative of a prior and textual history.'
  9. 'The exhibition is also illustrative of how computer software could be used to creatively embellish digital photographs.'
  10. 'The proposed implementation of Gigabit Ethernet is illustrative of conventional network architecture design.'
Relating to pictorial illustration.
  1. 'These paintings of the 18th Century portray the richness and exuberance of illustrative art in those times.'
  2. 'I found myself confused by non-Target imagery in 4c, photographic and illustrative.'
  3. 'Present day photographs are excellent too, with most approaching ‘art’ and not just illustrative.'
  4. 'The whole makes a modern illustrative art of incomparable richness, even though it lacks coherence.'
  5. 'Case studies, expert spokespeople and illustrative photographs are available on request.'
  6. 'Generously scattered throughout the book are photographs, reproductions of song sheets, maps and other illustrative matter.'


1. serving to illustrate; explanatory: illustrative examples.

More examples(as adjective)

"studies can be illustrative of types."

"studies can be illustrative of impacts."

"statements can be illustrative of claims."

"rates can be illustrative of growths."

"models can be illustrative of lines."

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