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(of a book, newspaper, etc.) containing pictures or other graphical material.
  1. 'The fully illustrated, 144 page catalogue of the exhibition is the first scholarly publication on de Kooning's last decade of work.'
  2. 'The black-caped lion of Cabin Boy to Barbary stands over the body of Delacroix, his kit and illustrated notebooks scattered in the rampage.'
  3. 'In a follow-up article, the jujutsu and combat roots to this same technique will be illustrated.'
  4. 'Most applications will not require all of the acceleration measurements illustrated.'
  5. 'The window piers at Hampton Court are also too narrow to accommodate any of the illustrated tables except Figure 5.'
  6. 'Immerse yourself in design, images, artwork; look at illustrated books, visit visually stimulating places.'
  7. 'When this lavishly illustrated volume was first published in 1971, it was highly praised.'
  8. 'The third common finding was illustrated with various examples.'
  9. 'A substantial, well illustrated booklet covering nationwide events is available at various outlets free of charge, including your local library.'
  10. 'In the Diamond Jubilee year of 2000, the association published an illustrated history as its 60 th anniversary project.'


1. containing pictures, drawings, and other illustrations: an illustrated book. noun

2. British. a magazine or newspaper regularly containing many photographs or drawings.

More examples(as adjective)

"potentials can be illustrated on dates."

"potentials can be illustrated at boats."

"books can be illustrated."

"newses can be illustrated."

"catalogues can be illustrated."

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