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Provide (a book, newspaper, etc.) with pictures.
  1. 'I've also made a lot of lithographs, and I've written and illustrated half a dozen books about countries and cities.'
  2. 'These publications launched DeCora into a career illustrating books of Indian folktales for children.'
  3. 'They are very compelling fossils because they are so exact and they're representing animals that I hadn't quite seen before and there's a book illustrating some of their variety.'
  4. 'The user guides and booklet are illustrated, and for the most part they are well-written.'
  5. 'Photographic picture books, illustrating New York and other subjects, proliferated; a number of these featured the work of the new documentary photographers.'
  6. 'We talked about Sidney Nolan, who had illustrated his most recent book, and about Australia.'
  7. 'The slim volume is illustrated with photographs of Bainbridge as a wide-eyed ingenue.'
  8. 'It was produced at only a handful of mints, and few specimens are known, but they have been illustrated in countless books and articles.'
  9. 'Her assignments included illustrating George Balanchine's book Complete Stories of the Great Ballets.'
  10. 'His website suggests that, as well as a career as a session musician (the musical equivalent of emptying ashtrays), he's started illustrating children's books.'
  11. 'the results are illustrated in Figure 7'
  12. 'One or two things seem to me underplayed (the great baroque invention of the Duet, for example), but thought has gone into explaining and illustrating most genres.'
  13. 'The global perspective is best illustrated by his book, A History of Christianity.'
  14. 'On a broader level, the book also illustrates the way the trajectories of technological change cannot be taken for granted.'
  15. 'A flow chart illustrating the testing sequence is shown in Figure 2.'
  16. 'In her book, Postrel offers diverse examples and stories to illustrate her concepts.'
  17. 'When Touch of Evil was first announced, a documentary explaining and illustrating the changes that resulted from Welles' memo was to have been included with the DVD.'
  18. 'The chart illustrates the disparity in the incomes of the parties.'
  19. 'The chart above illustrates the saturation pressure for water vapor as a function of the ambient temperature.'
  20. 'So let's look at another example as we explain and illustrate the general method.'
  21. 'The charts which illustrate the light curves of variable stars remind me of quilting charts.'
Serve as an example of.
  1. 'Consumer spending statistics on apparel over the past decade illustrates a clear trend.'
  2. 'The latest employment figures serve to illustrate that little has been done.'
  3. 'All of this serves to illustrate an extraordinary double standard that exists at the heart of public life.'
  4. 'The cases of Lithuania, Uzbekistan, and Russia serve to illustrate why this is the case.'
  5. 'Inverness won 4-2, a result that illustrates the changes at this club this season.'
  6. 'A striking example illustrating this pattern is given by tropical and temperate forest trees.'
  7. 'These results illustrate that variation exists in maize for the impact of ploidy on gene expression.'
  8. 'California's wine scene is one of the best examples to illustrate diversity.'
  9. 'These results illustrate the importance of examining for nonhistorical signals.'
  10. 'Wars illustrate the hatred between countries.'

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1. to furnish (a book, magazine, etc.) with drawings, pictures, or other artwork intended for explanation, elucidation, or adornment.

2. to make clear or intelligible, as by examples or analogies; exemplify.

3. Archaic. to enlighten. verb (used without object), illustrated, illustrating.

4. to clarify one's words, writings, etc., with examples: To prevent misunderstandings, let me illustrate.

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"situations can be illustrate."

"results can be illustrate."

"readings can be illustrate."

"policies can be illustrate."

"muchs can be illustrate."

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Early 16th century (in the sense ‘illuminate, shed light on’): from Latin illustrat- ‘lit up’, from the verb illustrare, from in- ‘upon’ + lustrare ‘illuminate’.