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Based on illusion; not real.
  1. 'One of the leading themes of current philosophy is that the notion of objectivity is utterly illusory.'
  2. 'The prospect of getting their motion through was illusory rather than real.'
  3. 'Our ability to think in abstractions without using the physical world as a base tends to be illusory.'
  4. 'On the negative side, it gives a false or illusory idea of oneself as indispensable in the eyes of other people.'
  5. 'It would be absurd to say that holes in socks are unreal and illusory just because the hole isn't made of anything and is purely an absence.'
  6. 'Each year the monastery's monks perform sacred chham dances that enact the illusory nature of life.'
  7. 'Progress towards equity is both real and illusory, things both have and have not progressed.'
  8. 'Secularism does not end up healing wounds; it only applies an illusory balm.'
  9. 'The purpose of the Vedas is to cut down the illusory tree of the material world and attain the real tree of the spiritual world.'
  10. 'They don't want to deceive each other with illusory promises of undying love.'


1. causing illusion; deceptive; misleading.

2. of the nature of an illusion; unreal.

More examples(as adjective)

"views can be illusory in ages."

"rallies can be illusory as roses."

"predicates can be illusory in sums."

"peaces can be illusory until audiences."

"worlds can be illusory."

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