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A disease or period of sickness affecting the body or mind.
  1. mass noun 'I've never missed a day's work through illness'
  2. 'Members suffer from illnesses such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes and asthma.'
  3. 'Obesity is a major factor in illnesses such as heart disease and certain forms of diabetes.'
  4. 'People say that it can help people with illnesses such as arthritis and Parkinson's syndrome.'
  5. 'He started his career at a time when many of the vanquished diseases and illnesses of today were still killers.'
  6. 'In the early stages, signs and symptoms can be similar to many other more common illnesses like flu.'
  7. 'Pox or syphilis was ubiquitous and remedies for illnesses were few and often not effective.'
  8. 'It can be used to relieve a number of illnesses from migraines to arthritis.'
  9. 'There is an increased risk of injury from falls and people are more prone to seasonal illnesses like flu.'
  10. 'It is an active painkiller and can help those who suffer from illnesses such as muscular dystrophy.'
  11. 'The children are never free from illnesses and disease, always hungry, always listless.'

More definitions

1. unhealthy condition; poor health; indisposition; sickness.

2. Obsolete. wickedness.

More examples(as adjective)

"problems can be illness."