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The inability to read or write.
  1. 'The surname could also have changed form when migration is combined with illiteracy.'
  2. 'His illiteracy means that he didn't read the warnings on his medication, leading to a dangerous reaction.'
  3. 'The consequences of illiteracy are far reaching.'
  4. 'He emphasised the need for removing illiteracy.'
  5. 'By 1939, illiteracy had been reduced to 12 percent and was less than 1 percent in 2000.'
  6. 'Illiteracy has a new enemy, and it comes in the shape of the new Miss America.'
  7. 'Even in Managua, the Nicaraguan capital, the illiteracy rate is very high.'
  8. 'Standards of education, while high during the 1970s, have slumped dramatically and illiteracy rates have soared.'
  9. 'Functional illiteracy is considered anything less than a seventh-grade reading level.'
  10. 'When North Korea faced the task of building a new national culture, it faced a serious problem of illiteracy.'
  11. 'his economic illiteracy'
  12. 'What we actually find today is a frightening biblical illiteracy, even in churches where the Bible is regarded as central.'
  13. 'This sounds like a conspiracy of some sort, to lull our aggressive adolescents into a lobotomized state of social and political illiteracy.'
  14. 'Of course, scientific illiteracy is a real problem, but it is not the only problem with which rapid scientific advancement confronts us.'
  15. 'Perhaps the religious illiteracy of so many otherwise well-educated young Catholics is too familiar to bear mentioning again.'
  16. 'He says theological illiteracy is now rampant.'
  17. 'I provide this here so that you may see the magnitude of the battle we are waging against ignorance and scientific illiteracy.'
  18. 'Businessmen habitually complain about the economic illiteracy of the public, and with good reason.'

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1. a lack of ability to read and write.

2. the state of being illiterate; lack of any or enough education.

3. a mistake in writing or speaking, felt to be characteristic of an illiterate or semiliterate person: a letter that was full of illiteracies.

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"rates can be illiteracy."

"whiles can be illiteracy."

"poverties can be illiteracy."

"levels can be illiteracy."

"fora can be illiteracy."

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